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One and only #Thala Incomparable with anyone 😘😍🤠 Good Morning Friends 🙏 #Valimai l #Viswasam #SpreadAJITHism ❤️
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Workload management is the word of the season with all eyes on ace pacer Jasprit Bumrah's recovery. Irfan Pathan weighs in on the challenges of a comeback.
Tushar A Amin Tushar A Amin
organoids, have you met @neuralink, yet? where does this go from here @kohli_aneesha?
Anju Kohli Anju Kohli
"There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart ❤️ "
India Preview: Harsha Bhogle feels Kohli & Co. are sure-shot semi-finalists क्रिकेट कबड्डी कबड्डी निवेश खेल चलचित्र प्यार नाखून कृपया रीट्वीट करें♥ प्रेमियों की भर्ती❤
Cloohawk Cloohawk
Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli are among the top richest Instagram influencers, according to a recent Hopper HQ Study. Learn more below. #influencermarketing
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Madhusudan Joshi 🙂 Madhusudan Joshi 🙂
"Agar Tu Sher toh mein Babbar Sher" : Rohit to KOHLI after 200+ by KOHLI it's Rohit who has scored one too in the very next match. #Kohli Vs #RohitmanSharma #INDvSA @imVkohli @ImRo45
ObscureCricketStats ObscureCricketStats
V Kohli (INDIA) has scored most runs of all right-handed T20 intl batsmen after losing the toss
EmergingMarketsForum EmergingMarketsForum
Want more on #BRI? See the full presentation given at the Belt and Road Initiative session at #EmergingMarketsForum here: #BRI #China #CASC #SSA #EmergingMarkets
EmergingMarketsForum EmergingMarketsForum
Soumaya Keynes introduces the session on the Belt and Road Initiative, joined by Harinder Kohli, Johannes Lin, Zhang Wencai, Marco Cavaliere, Mikheil Janelidze, Astrid Skala-Kuhmann, and Toshikazu Takatori. #BRI #China #economy
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My son learnt some new rhyming phrase: hashtag; you didn’t see that
thenewspick thenewspick
Virat Kohli’s team can win away from home as well: Shane Watson
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KOHLI DEFENDS DHONI: Dhoni को क्रिकेट सिखाने की जरुरत नहीं है | ICC WORLD CUP 2019| Sports Tak क्रिकेट कबड्डी कबड्डी निवेश खेल चलचित्र प्यार नाखून कृपया रीट्वीट करें♥ प्रेमियों की भर्ती❤
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test4 Watch: Virat Kohli Adds New Twist To Ravindra Jadeja's Sword Celebration
Kieron Kieron
Players like Lasith Malinga, Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli aren't involved but its ok because we have Luke Fletcher and Marchant de Lange in squads #OpposeThe100 #BollocksToTheHundred
Sean Marshall Sean Marshall
All this talk about “THE WORLDS BEST PLAYERS” and yet it’s basically the same players that play in the T20 😂😂😂😂
Brieeeee Brieeeee
I haven’t stopped thinking about Rahul Kohli’s eyebrows once this week 🥴
Tanuj Kumar Singh Tanuj Kumar Singh
Virat Kohli test hundred results in SENA Countries:- 116 v AUS, Ind Lost 119 v SA, Drawn 105* v NZ, Drawn 115 v AUS, Ind Lost 141 v AUS, Ind Lost 169 v AUS, Drawn 147 v AUS, Drawn 153 v SL, Ind Lost 149 v ENG, Ind Lost 103 v ENG, Won(ONLY)😃 123 v AUS, Ind Lost 103* v SL Lost
Gurraj Singh Kohli Gurraj Singh Kohli
Imagine Indian stars in it. Kohli, Rohit, Bumrah & stuff. But I’m happy they aren’t involved in such mess & are rather grinding it hard in the tests #TheHundredDraft
247CricketNews 247CricketNews
If reports are to be believed, Indian skipper Virat Kohli is all set to skip the T20I series against Bangladesh. #cricketnews
Bijendu Jha Bijendu Jha
Highest Test scores for India v South Africa: 319 - V Sehwag - Chennai 2008 254* - V Kohli - Pune 2019 215 - MA Agarwal - Vizag 2019 212 - RG Sharma - Ranchi 2019 #IndvSA
Wesley00005 Wesley00005
Most International 💯 s in a Calendar Year 12 Tendulkar (1998) 11 Kohli (2017 & 2018) /Ponting in 2003 10 Amla in 2010 /de Silva (1997) /Dilshan (2009) /Dravid (1999) 9 M Yousuf (2006) /Ponting (2005 & 2006) /G Smith (2005) /Warner (2016) /ROHIT* (2019 with 14 inngs left).
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~Trisha~ ~Trisha~
Haal to har koi puchta hai, par uska jawaab kewal wahi sunte hain, jinhe sach mein haal jaanna hota hai.. #MyRandomOne :)
Today's Countdown DP❤️ 16 Days to King Kohli Birthday 💥 #16DaystoKingKohliBirthday #ViratKohli #KingKohli @imVkohli
Published By : @Virat Kohli Fan Club #INDvSA #INDvsSA
Sad Person Sad Person
Even Kohli would be a marginal pick at best in a 100 ball format especially if he is overseas.
Where were you when I needed you? A question that I want to ask so many people. - Kohli
Current #indiancricketteam reminds me of the invincible #Aussies of the 90's & '00. They were simply impossible to beat. Be it the bowling or batting. #INDvsSA #PaytmFreedomSeries #Kohli #RohitSharma @imVkohli @msdhoni the architects of this fortress #Finalfrontier
Martyn Green Martyn Green
Where are the Indians? No Kohli or Bumra? #TheHundredDraft
SwingAndSeam SwingAndSeam
"Kohli delayed Rohit's test career". Ab kuch din baad ye log bolenge "He will also realise how he delayed India's growth cause he once appreciated demonetisation"😂
Tabrez Tabrez
Rohit isn't a newcomer who Virat has given an opportunity. If something that might happen out of this is Virat as a Captain realizing he delayed Rohit's Test Career.
Stephen Mann Stephen Mann
England center contracts on message... #TheHundredDraft. Best players in the world? Where's Kohli?
Nilesh P. Patil Nilesh P. Patil
Virat Kohli leads by example in all aspects of the game: Brian Lara via @TOISports
Rachana Rastogi Rachana Rastogi
Virat Kohli's DRS blunders: India captain has not got reviews right as Test batsman in 2 years
K Vijayendra K Vijayendra
Virat Kohli in ODIs 2012 > 2018 >> .............
Raushan Raushan
.... media and real losers are those who lost their father, brother and son. We think war as a cricket match as when Aamir takes a wicket or Kohli hits a boundary, we are there just to clap. Life of a person is far more important than our clapping. Even in next 100 years....
Yash Thirani Yash Thirani
Babar Azam unpicked. Unsurprising. His SR is lower than even Kohli's.
“We do.” Our GLOWing Hosts are available to assist you in the planning of every little detail for your special wedding day. GLOW Elixir’s natural beauty and relaxed romantic environment create the perfect backdrop for memorable ceremonies and receptions for up to 80 people.
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Stef Travel Photog Stef Travel Photog
Amazing beaches you should not miss in Koh Chang #travel #travelphotography tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#travelphotography
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Ali Rasheed1 Ali Rasheed1
Allah aai Nabiyyaa ah furassaara koh raajeyge qaanoonu thah muguraalai gaumuga oii sulha maslas kan nagaalan massakai kuri MDN evanee Gaumuge eneme mathee maslahatha arai gane rayyithun ge medhugai fithuna ufadhdhaafai Mi verinnakee Mi gaumuge salaamatha huri nurakkale #BanMDN
To… / 馬場このみ(高橋未奈美) 収録CD:MSTER SPARKLE 03(MS03) 作詞・作編曲:KOH 試聴リンク:
Ricardo Rocha Parga Ricardo Rocha Parga
El pequeño paraíso de Koh Yao Noi, un oasis en Tailandia vía @Mundo_nomada
Koh-i-Noor Bhatti Koh-i-Noor Bhatti
Oyee Mr khan ager tum Khan ho tu hum bi Bhaati hai ager koyi pyaar ki baat na mane tu goli ki zuban bi janty hai.
Koh-i-Noor Koh-i-Noor
Meri tarha tum bi kabhi pyaar ker ke dekho na Kitna maza hai, kesa nisha hai Pyaar ker ke dekho na❤
jöh pöh köh jöh pöh köh
Herşey tamda böyle işte allahım sen bu orduyu bu milletin muzaffer eyle düşmana firsat verme #Barispinarihareketi tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Barispinarihareketi #turkiyekazandi #turkiyeninnabzi tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#turkiyeninnabzi #MehmetciğeSelamGoender tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#MehmetciğeSelamGoender #mehmetciktarihyazıyor tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#mehmetciktarihyazıyor
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K Vijayendra K Vijayendra
On This Day in 2017 Virat Kohli scored his 31st ODI Century against New Zealand at the Wankhede in Mumbai & went past Ricky Ponting in the list of Most ODI Century makers He also regained the No.1 Ranking in ODIs & has never been dethroned since then #2YearsofViratNo1inODIs
3 ilmuveriyaku noon 1000 ilmuverin lahvaa dhiraasaa kuriyas eyga Islam dheenashaai keerithi Rasoolaa ah furassaara koh hajoo jahaafa nei kamah mi sarukaarakah nudhekkeyne. Mihunnanee serious kan kan... mi bayaku dhiraasaa koh eah gotheh ninman jehey topi…
avas avas
MDN ge Report 3 ilmuveri aku lahvaa dhiraasaa kuranee
Murtaza Merchant Murtaza Merchant
Virat Kohli Test me aur Rohit Sharma ODI me kya karte hai?? #INDvSA #RohitSharma Baburao:
Published By : @Murtaza Merchant
MohamedNasheed Dheen himaayai koh keerithi Allah ge kalaamfulhaai ekalaange maai Rasoolaa ah furassaara kuri #BanMDN ah fiyavalhu alhan govumakee hahdhufahanalhai goss meehun merumah hivvaru dhinumeh noon. Islami Qaumegga mi Raajje Mioh muhdhathuga Dhynah veriegge haisiyyath…
Amit Umadatta Amit Umadatta
INDvSA: Hitman Rohit leaves behind Gayle, Smith and Kohli after his knock of 212 runs #hitman @imro45 #indvsa #indvssa @imvkohli @msdhoni @bhogleharsha @sanjaymanjrekar @gulpanag
Ultimate Ultimate
Another bike traveling 🛵 Budha temples and Wildlife Park. Massive! 🤟 #langkawi tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#langkawi #malaysia tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#malaysia #vacation @ Wat Koh Wanararm Langkawi
aku kapan dapet undangan shopee x gfriend in JKT koh? huhu
Puji Tuhan dpt undangan utk GOT7 signing event in BKK
2 4 20 2 4 20
Toh ay bbu riba kuma koh me mutum yayi ay ba'a shiga tsakanin Allah da bawansa
Most ODI Centuries while Chasing : #ViratKohli - 26* Sachin - 17 Cricket lo Master okare undali .. Adhi King Kohli ayi undali 😎👑
Published By : @Rohit Kumar Tarak ™ 🇮🇳 Published By : @Rohit Kumar Tarak ™ 🇮🇳
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