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Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 23 as our Gator Grit Speaker Series welcomes former San Antonio Mayor and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros and Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.
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Jason Jason
So the Vikings Lions game is an..... offensive highlight reel and neither defense can get a real stop? Alrighty then.
Bryan Lawton Bryan Lawton
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Mama Of Boys Mama Of Boys
I used to work in McDonalds & I used to love it when people asked for a chicken mcsandwich instead of a mcchicken sandwich. Highlight of every shift!!
Jon Jon
Me: Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your McOrder? McDonalds Boss: Again *rubs temples* you don't need to put Mc in front of words Me: Oh ok *turns back to customer* welcome to Donalds
House Of Houston House Of Houston
Didn’t even hear it, was too busy going nuts after that play! Haven’t seen anything that great by a Texans QB ever up until that point! He’s human highlight reel!
Izzad Zaid Izzad Zaid
Nk tnya. Game spurs, saya tgok highlight je. Tgok gol dele alli, pastu score board tulis no goal. Tpi keputusan still 1-1? Apa jdi? Gol dikira ke tak ni. Pening
Seany DπŸ€ͺ Seany DπŸ€ͺ
#Whoops, thought I was done #posting starwarsgalaxysedge #stuff πŸ˜‚ also, I #HUGGED the #crap out of #R2 😍😍it was the #highlight of my #life seein’ this #little #guy😊 @disney disneyhollywoodstudios galaxysedge…
Delaware.gov Delaware.gov
Did you know that the Bear Library has STEM programs? Or that the Kent County Public Library has craft workshops for adults? During National Friends of Libraries Week, we will highlight some of the great programs that our libraries have to offer.
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Highlight of my weekend was that I had to sit through a video with my parents abt being lgbt+ and one gay guy in it said people are always asking him whether he’s a top or bottom
Tony Morgese Tony Morgese
Derek Carr really doesn’t look that good today. Not sure what these half time guys are talking about. The β€œhighlight” throws they showed were all thrown behind his receivers. Would have been TD’s otherwise. #OAKvsGB
George Richards George Richards
The highlight of Jags-Bengals today may just be the Skyline-style chili buffet in the press box. Dogs, spaghetti and a big bowl of cheese. May be Gold Star. Don’t know.
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B. B.
8 months in. πŸ’• The highlight of my day. #WeeAndB
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Conan Tautala Conan Tautala
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Jonah Schmidt Jonah Schmidt
Made this quick highlight last night, whatcha think? @peterjarguz @tarik @EvilGeniuses
j j
amanda walking in as billie eilish last night was the highlight of my night
The Troy Apke int highlight popping up on Red Zone made me chuckle. If ya know ya know.
Kiran Kaur Kiran Kaur
Remember to not fall for the hype. Many times as people who operate small organisations, we have to really push things to highlight our wins as it helps us to grow with potential funding/support/opps. The reality is tough af though & lots of Ls happen too. It's all a process.
JasonNgwu JasonNgwu
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Aaron Norris Aaron Norris
What do you do when you can’t attend all the session at #PRSAICON? Watch the highlight session going on now via Twitter #publicrelations #pr
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Master of Sarca Master of Sarca
Sehr gutes Essen und reichlich Auswahl. Mein absolutes Highlight der fΓΌr mich beste - von Geschmack und Konsistenz (Fluffigkeit) Kaiserschmarrn in der Gegend von FΓΌssen.
Tyler King Tyler King
iOS really messed up the simplest part of the UX. Just trying to select or highlight text, copy/paste, has gone all wonky. This update becomes more annoying every day. And hiding reader view behind additional layers is a senseless complication. @AppleSupport
Pimplepopper Pimplepopper
Highlight of our day was when Athena passed by our tent. @ Escondido, California
Check out my Mid Season highlight ⁦@ArRecruitingGuy⁩ ⁦@EarlGill10 ⁦@ArElite100⁩ -
Highlight of #MUNLIV @MarcusRashford πŸ’ͺ😍 Van Dijk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Kristi Muhonen Kristi Muhonen
Highlight of our trip- Making two new friends! @thundacat830 & @BrownGaro from Richland Co Sheriff’s Dept and LIVE PD @OfficialLivePD @LukeMuhonen #TBImeetsLIVEPD
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Raymone Raymone
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Nathan Rivera Nathan Rivera
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my gma coming to hang out with me is the highlight of my day lol
Gabriella Gabriella
My best friend and I were driving to the beach and he says to me, β€œso uhh I’m going to show you this song, tell me if ya know it?” I cried in the car. Still had no clue who they were or their story. And everything else was history. That ep was the highlight of my 2017.
Jay Jay
i wanna hear how you guys first found gvf quote this with your story! i’ll start i saw an undercut edit, looked josh up, watched the ht video, thought he was lip syncing bc his voice seemed too big for his body so i watched a live and was speechless and i’ve loved em ever since!
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Johnny Bonner Johnny Bonner
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Neish Neish
Warning very upset I came across this in Sussex countryside today, sharing to highlight dangers of litter. 1 already dead & sadly the other couldn’t be saved. Both visitors & landowners have a duty to keep the countryside safe for wildlife and farm animals . @KeepBritainTidy
Zy Varner Zy Varner
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Nanciann Horvath Nanciann Horvath
Check out our Profile on Alignable via @
DiamondLeoKing DiamondLeoKing
27 KILL GAME, yass. Kinda proud tho, i participated with 9 kills atleast. 😏 WP team ❀️ - Ignore tags below! - #Highkillgame #Fortnite #Highlight #Victoryroyale #Squad #Season11
Flash - highlight: Ultimate Assassin, uploaded to Kongregate (and similar platforms) by Mastermax. There are 3-4 games (depending on how seriously you take branding) each composing of numerous levels. Aim of the game is to stab a green guy without getting bamboozled by blues.
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dalton boswell dalton boswell
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All The Football All The Football
Vikings' Adam Thielen injured after highlight-reel TD catch #NFL #Football #Fans
Guiccy Guiccy
San Siro is 94 years old right now, God please allow me to see it in its 100th year. 100 years of history would the highlight of my life. πŸ”΄βš«οΈ
Caitlyn Farquhar Caitlyn Farquhar
Literally being on fire last night was the highlight of my night. πŸ”₯
dalton boswell dalton boswell
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When you love a character so much you have a highlight specifically for them
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🌐 🌐
A 1 all draw will be the highlight of Man Utd’s season
Isaiah Todd Isaiah Todd
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ty πŸ‘‘ ty πŸ‘‘
I can’t believe Sada got whole highlight tapes on YouTube πŸ˜‚ and I really be watching em too lol
dalton boswell dalton boswell
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Tania Castillo Tania Castillo
Adam Thielen injured after highlight-reel TD catch
Robert M. Lee Robert M. Lee
There are claims of a cyber attack on an Iranian oil refinery resulting in a fire. I do not think the claims of a cyber attack are well founded. However, it can be used to highlight good questions around root cause analysis in the OT/ICS community
Country Rob Country Rob
For real Miami is lucky we played them week 0. At the end of the year when they look back at their season 4 point loss to the Gators will be the highlight. If we played them now they’d get blown out. @Big3Rollup
Curtis Curtis
βœ”οΈVia @ESPN Adam Thielen injured after highlight-reel TD catch: Thielen got the Vikings on the board with a foot-dragging TD reception, but paid a price when he hit the turf.

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