Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge via @YouTube الي تبا تسوي عضلات بطن تشوف هذي يكفيها وربي نار 🔥
Juwayt Juwayt
Butthurt masyado mga DDS kapag binabatikos presidente nila, yes to abs cbn Shutdown? Truth hurts lang kasi talaga.
Ben Allport Ben Allport
Seen a number of tweets like this so I don't get the impression anyone is short of reading material, but in case you are: I'm excited to announce that my article on Ohthere's Voyage and its textual/social context is now available! #medievaltwitter
Lower abs and love handles. Lol
Thanduxolo. Thanduxolo.
Q. ABS樹脂は医療器具として人体に使用できる素材ですか? はい、問題ありません。 ただし、実際に医療器具として使用するには、「認証」が必要です。 #covidventilator
ang nagsindi nitong ilaw HAHAHAHAHSHSHAHAHA HAYOF abs cbn station id @SB19Official | #SB19 #SB19_MissionInDavao2 #SB19_ShowBreak
Rusheila Rusheila
tenggorokan skt dikit parno. padahal kering abs ngoceh main pubg belom minum
Eli Eli
Hoy hice sobre todo abs, pero mañana haré bastante pierna.
abs dia peh
Siti #StayAtHome Siti #StayAtHome
Hot gila Cinta Laura 🤩
Hannah Hannah
i just worked out and my legs and abs are so sore
shoti shoti
Feel ko may abs nako ulit 🥵
Imee Marcos wants gov't to borrow P440B to fund cash aid program for #COVID19 crisis
Ejeey Ejeey
Sakita sakong abs oy
all this eating and sleeping during quarantine is going to give me flabs and not abs
im not ready for the moment san decides to show his abs
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jmdm11 jmdm11
Ayan after ng SDTG bukas sa abs diretso sa kbo para sa THOU! Hahaha.. tas sa sabado THOU tas BALU naman.. hahaha.. #KathNiel
now I feel my abs burning and I love it,,,
Abs jdi tkg ngerokin org serumah 💪
Did you miss this talk? Catch-up with the newly published #paper in our 'Archives of Natural History' : @EdinburghUP #WomenInSTEM
Miranda Lowe Miranda Lowe
#SHNH2017 fantastic talk on role of FBA in pioneering aquatic #WomeninScience
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riiiiishh🌙 riiiiishh🌙
ewan q ba pero sa abs ng BTS lang talaga ako naa-attraaaactt hdksjsksjsdkjdjdhs
Bella Thorne Bares Killer Abs In Blue Crop Top And Tie-Up Jeans For Multi-Photo Update #Celeb
Pierre Grosser Pierre Grosser
The Kurdish genocide in Iraq: the Security-Anfal and the Identity-Anfal
Monika Werner Monika Werner
Strengthening your core is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall fitness and stability ball V-Ups are one of our all time favorite ways to train the abs. You will feel the BURN 🔥🔥🔥 for sure!!! #WorkoutWednesday #workoutmotivation
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kana_chan kana_chan
Omg her abs 😭❤️
Siti #StayAtHome Siti #StayAtHome
Hot gila Cinta Laura 🤩
mel mel
Eu querendo dar abs em ho é foda ne kkkkk
morgan morgan
It’s to the point where regardless of how much he has just eaten, my almost one year old, will see me eating anything and start to crawl over for some 🙄 he’s on the ABS diet... always be snackin lol 😝
🖤 🖤
My auntie 52 with abs and yet I’m still trying to activate mine 😭
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綾茶 綾茶
Those abs.....
Siti #StayAtHome Siti #StayAtHome
Hot gila Cinta Laura 🤩
Marc Adams Marc Adams
Love this new infographic from the International Physical Activity and Environment (IPEN) Adult study! @DrSchipperijn @DrHinckson @nanndyyy @billiegc
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Francesca Minerva Francesca Minerva
"If [brain] emulations are zombies, humanity, tempted by cybernetic immortality may gradually trade away its consciousness" Very cool paper by @anderssandberg
Yumemi Takahashi Yumemi Takahashi
○Bite a love 新鮮な果実を嚙むように。 bergamot calabrian coconuts Hakka Raspberry abs. Grapefruit pink Yuzu Cardamon Lime 果実のピールの苦く甘い香りがたまらないルームミストとなっております。 ご購入はgmailまで。 #アロマ #ダイエット
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#Événements Vivatech annule son édition 2020 et prépare (déjà) celle de 2021 - via @bymaddyness
The community pharmacy/clinic collaboration resulted in improved blood pressure control, a new source of revenue for the community pharmacy, and increased revenue for the clinic. @accpcardprn @accpambuprn
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Kelley Costigan Kelley Costigan
Wednesday. Shoulder Rehab & a bit of Arms, Shoulders, Back, Abs. Not everything filmed today (only skipping…
綾茶 綾茶
⚠️えおえおのテーマサビ前ネタバレ ⚠️途中から音でかい 我慢できなくて作り始めました………………
Mesmerea Mesmerea
pls just tell me WHY I CANT CONTROL WHAT I EAT WHEN IM ON MY MONTHLY?! I lost my baby abs for the week. See you guys later
w w
Nakakailang araw na ko ng workout pero umaalog paren yung taba sa tyan ko. AYAW SAKEN NG ABS PAREKOY
Yoora🌸 Yoora🌸
@/god i don't want abs i want arms
"this female character is skinny but shes actually super physically strong!!!" ok coward
Sam Sam
I started working out again every morning when I started WFH 3 weeks ago....I just realized for the first time in my life I’m getting abs 😂 I don’t normally stick with it for this long so I’m kind of proud of myself. I’ve also noticed it’s helped my mental health somewhat
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ABS CBN isama niyo na po si Stell sa susunod na station ID 😂 @SB19Official #SB19 #SB19_MissionInDavao2 #SB19_ShowBreak #SB19is8inBBS50
Angkol A'tin (Stan SB19) Angkol A'tin (Stan SB19)
No one: Literally no one: Stell: ABS-CBN Station ID (then sings Star ng Pasko) @SB19Official #SB19 #SB19_MissionInDavao2 #SB19_ShowBreak #SB19is8inBBS50

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