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Wisconsin Dem governor removes 82 Scott Walker appointees added during lame-duck session | TheHill
Big Dave Big Dave
3 errors is Yale, Louisville, and Wisconsin. Only lost 1 elite 8 pick. K k
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Brian Kanes Brian Kanes
Wisconsin Dem governor removes 82 Scott Walker appointees added during lame-duck session
#JudgeLisa Fairness needs an impartial champion. Are you grabbing a second round of #PostcardstoVoters ? It can make a difference and Abby has plenty of addresses. Wisconsin is a big state!
Judge Lisa Neubauer Judge Lisa Neubauer
I am also proud to have the endorsement of the Janesville Gazette! Vote Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer for WI Supreme Court on Tuesday, April 2nd! 👩🏻‍⚖️ #scowis
Rachel Witkowski Rachel Witkowski
So excited to take Humphrey home for Spring Break! Think he’ll have fun going down the water slides at the Wisconsin Dells??? Can’t wait to share our adventures with Mrs. Munn’s 2nd graders! @MunnMD1120
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I'm signing off; that was a ton of fun. See you Sunday at 1:30pm! On, Wisconsin! - @rwiedenhoeft
samy45 samy45
Folks, I implore you please dont take the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in April 2 for granted. The far right conservatives ideologues will do anything to get their extreme candidate on the Court. But we need to counter and get @JudgeNeubauer on the Court. Please #VoteJudgeLisa
Ron McDonald Ron McDonald
I was honored to host Wisconsin State Representative Mike Rohrkaste today at Valley Transit. Thank you Representative Rohrkaste.
JSOnline - NewsWatch JSOnline - NewsWatch
State Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, claimed Wisconsin’s financial outlook “is the strongest in a generation.”
Tennis Service Representative Northern Wisconsin - USTA/MIDWEST SECTION - Green Bay, WI
Hannah Hannah
😂🤣I forgot Brick was from Wisconsin. 😂🤣 Jack Jack & Edna are still my favorite part.
Erin Erin
Minnesota vs Wisconsin for the NCAA women's hockey national championship Sunday. Go Wisconsin!
And now, for like the third time this century, basketball fans in #Wisconsin are completely focused on the @Bucks.
Jordan Norman Jordan Norman
Overheard at this Mexican restaurant in Wisconsin ‘I think I could speak Spanish but I can never get the dialect. I’m sure I could speak Spanish if there was a mid western dialect’ I’ve never seen this person but I hate her
mitchkastanek mitchkastanek
Do I regret putting Wisconsin as the Champions in my bracket? Yes. Will I learn from my mistakes in years to come? Not a chance in hell. I’ll see y’all next year for some more heartbreak.
Aspen Bader Aspen Bader
I glow differently in my Wisconsin Cow Tipping Team T-shirt
Will H. Donaldson Will H. Donaldson
Open letter to Richard Batelaan Centurylink Executive Vice President, North America Operations: Mr. Batelaan. My name is Will H. Donaldson. I live in rural Wisconsin and for a large corporation such as Centurylink… I’m...
Why it matters that a judge blocked the Wisconsin GOP's power grab via @msnbc
Ryan Ryan
Only upset game I got right was Wisconsin 😑
Fedi #DemForce Fedi #DemForce
Wisconsin judge blocks Republican attempt to curb Democratic governor’s powers via @politicususa
Matt Halverson Matt Halverson
In the NCAA Women’s Frozen Four, Minnesota will battle Wisconsin tomorrow for a national championship. 1:30 on BTN. #BorderBattle
tyler tyler
Syracuse and Wisconsin folded 😪
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IU’s 3 big time wins (other than MSU) all lost in the first round this year. -Louisville -Wisconsin -Marquette Thank God they didn’t make the tourney.
Wisconsin Dem governor removes 82 Scott Walker appointees added during lame-duck session
Austin O'Campo Austin O'Campo
Ethan Happ’s career at Wisconsin has finally come to an end after 10 years in a Badger uniform. Absolute legend
Ben Portnoy Ben Portnoy
Ethan Happ walks off the court for the final time in a Wisconsin uniform. The end of a legendary career in Madison
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US1ANews US1ANews
Wisconsin Loses To Oregon In The NCAA Tournament. Should Greg Gard Be Fired?
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SpeedRacer89 SpeedRacer89
WISCONSIN!! Yeeeeaarrh!! 🤔😆👍👏#MarchMadness2019
RowsBowl Island RowsBowl Island
Anyone know who is the only Big Ten team to lose first round?!? Just wondering.....
Huby Eren Pecze Huby Eren Pecze
A terrific play but an even better person. Ethan Happ was the true embodiment of what it meant to be a Wisconsin badger. You will be missed dearly @EthanHapp22
One of the Wisconsin greats Proud of the way you represented our program, both on and off the court, @EthanHapp22 #OnWisconsin
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Today we began preparations for a 50 #DuffelsforKids delivery to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin child advocacy care centers in Racine and Kenosha County. THANK YOU Culver's for…
Two New York teams fall in tough games, setting up Minnesota vs Wisconsin
Wisconsin Democratic Judge Says Duly Elected Republicans Can't Pass Laws
Cassie Cassie
My body is not ready for a Wisconsin/Minnesota final.
Tony Pepperoni 🗝 Tony Pepperoni 🗝
That chart also implies theaters in Wisconsin just straight up sells slices of cheese like people just buy those
Grant Batzli Grant Batzli
Hey @PhilPattonNFL your Nevada is my Wisconsin lol.
SteveWilmothTCSports SteveWilmothTCSports
My son Grant's perfect bracket went down the tubes with Iowa's second-half comeback against Cincinnati. He also lost the UC-Irvine game, but did get Oregon over Wisconsin, so just two misses thus far...
Ryan Flaherty Ryan Flaherty
On Wisconsin! The Badgers add two goals in the final minute to take down the defending National Champions 5-0. Wisconsin will take on Minnesota on Sunday at 2:30 for a chance to win the 2019 National Championship
Cherry Dunn Cherry Dunn
Northern Lights possible this weekend across much of Wisconsin
The Northern Lights may be visible in Wisconsin tomorrow night due to a solar storm. Check NOAA’s website for an up to date forecast of where they can be seen!
Joe LoGrippo Joe LoGrippo
Wisconsin beats Clarkson 5-0 to advance to the final against Minnesota! Game will take place on 3/24 at 2:30 PM. Winner takes it all! #NCAAWHockey
Day Hiking Trails Day Hiking Trails
Trail heads through Wisconsin tension zone #stcroixcounty #trailtime #hiker #recreation
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AnonyMissBadger AnonyMissBadger
#NCAAWHockey: The buzzer sounds and Wisconsin is going to the National Championship!
CJ Fogler CJ Fogler
An absolute gem of a goal from Wisconsin's Annie Pankowski
Ms. J. White Feather Ms. J. White Feather
#Wisconsin Judge Blocks Lame-Duck Laws That Stripped Democrats Of Power @JenGranholm h/t @Martina #StateLegislatures #BlueWave #Midterms2018
Adriana Hooper Adriana Hooper
Looks like the National Championship between Wisconsin and Minnesota should be at 2:30pm ET on the BTN Sunday.
Nate Wells Nate Wells
FINAL: WISCONSIN 5 - Clarkson 0 A year after an all-ECAC final, it will be an all-WCHA final between Minnesota and Wisconsin after theBadgers defeat the 2x defending champions. First title game between MN & WI since 2012. Guessing @katie25million & @BigTenNetwork will be happy
Clayton Paul Clayton Paul
Wisconsin vs Minnesota for a hockey championship. As it should.
Katie Little Katie Little
So glad you are no longer in charge of Wisconsin. Byeeee
WisDotGolfLive WisDotGolfLive
College men's golf: Chippewa Falls' Thomas Longbella (Minnesota), Madison's Clayton Tribus (Davidson) at Furman Intercollegiate (Greenville, S.C.)
Clarkson Hockey Blog Clarkson Hockey Blog
Final Wisconsin 5 Clarkson 0 Clarkson (30-8-2) has its incredible 19 game playoff winning streak ended. Thank you to all the seniors—Gabel, Cianfarano, Keenan, Pozzebon, Mariani, Vinkle, and Sauvé!
Published By : @Clarkson Hockey Blog

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