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November Social - 2019 Blue Engineerings November social took place in a WWII themed escape room! Grouped into teams, we had to solve puzzles, riddles and navigate out of mazed passages all within a time limit. #EscapeRoom #WWII #social #worknightout #BlueEng
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and thats what the biggest propaganda campaign since WWII gives you; don't believe me, believe historian @markcurtis30
Brandon Brandon
Seeing the disaster of Britan's democracy as well as America's makes me feel so pessimistic about the overall future of liberal democracies as we have known them since WWII. We may see China's or Russia's illiberal authoritarian capitalism become the dominate force.
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#Ginkgo - Oregon City, Happy Valley to mark 75th anniversary of WWII's end
When I was translating Showa: A History of Japan I learned a lot about what caused the lead up to WWII. It is not Hitler's story. It is a complex weave of threads that all pulled tight worldwide, with each country playing a role. I see that same weave now. I'm scared.
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When Darkness Comes: Paris, 1942 - when so few did so much to save so many #Holocaust #thriller #histfic #WWII #iartg #5star #amwriting
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Colin T Colin T
Live Update: Exit poll predict worst Labour result since WWII via @timesofisrael
kosher!richie☂️ kosher!richie☂️
It really is WWII all over again it really is the start i really will die
have spoken again this time. I believe in europe but one very different from the current one. We look alike but we're also different. Like the UK proposed after WWII, union should be almost exclusively business-oriented and withit a system of sovereign states. The current model
Exit polls show a likely resounding victory for the Conservatives in the #UKelection2019. That would be the most crushing defeat for the Labour Party since WWII. #Brexit seems to have been the most important factor. So yes, Brits want Brexit. #GE2019 #GeneralElection
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EXIT POLL: Conservatives projected to win election as Labour suffer major losses #GE2019 CON: 368 LAB: 191 LIB DEM: 13 BREX: 0 SNP: 55 GREEN: 1 OTHER: 22
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He should have gotten the death penalty. But if one looks back through history most soldiers executed for murder of civilians during wartime were minorities. Dozens in WWII. Even Eddie Slovic from Hamtramck MI was considered a minority at the time.
Mike Nelson Mike Nelson
Fuck everyone involved with this. And all you who were cheerleading this organization cause of the last few cases.
Katie Thomson Katie Thomson
One Of The Last Living Female WWII Veterans Is Turning 104
NIB Exquisite Gaming Call of Duty WWII Big Box Limited Edition Gear Crate #callofduty #cod #gaming
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SUN 'n FUN Fly-In SUN 'n FUN Fly-In
Vancouver veteran reflects on flying 50 combat missions during WWII - -
Live Update: Exit poll predict worst Labour result since WWII via @timesofisrael
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The mystery of the polar bear graffiti is solved... ...and it's nothing to do with Russian WWII tanks!
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Combate aéreo entre la Luftwaffe Alemana y la R.A.F Británica sobre la cuidad británica de Londres. "Batalla de Inglaterra 1940". #war #ww2 #wwii #2GM #historia #2ww #guerra #wwi #ww1 #bf109 #italianarmy #usarmy #germany #usanavy #uniforms #helmets #militaria #3reich #kamikaze
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Tanvi Rastogi Tanvi Rastogi
10 Great Historical Fiction Novels Not Set in WWII | Book Riot
Kaveh Kaveh
Anyone that actually thought Labour stood a chance needs to wake up. The party hasn’t done this poorly since before WWII.
Paul Shultis Paul Shultis
Divers use WWII-era gear for interment of USS Arizona crew member
Live update: Exit poll predict worst Labour result since WWII
This is why I love doing this. Just connected our WWII USMM Len Blake with Heidi's father a WWII US Merchant Mariner who was the radio operator on the ship that was hit by a kamikaze! Two heroes will be talking shortly! #WWII #MerchantMarineVeterans
Akiva Cohen Akiva Cohen
This aged well. The "closest election in 200 years" apparently has led to a Tory wave victory and the worst Labour performance in post-WWII history by a LARGE margin (prior worst was 209 in 1983)
Who is PM will be decided in next hour Closest election in 200yrs In Keighley, Bolsover, Bassetlaw, Grimsby, Rother Valley, Dudley, Wrexham, Crewe, Barrow-in-Furness, Stoke S, Dudley N, Penistone & Don Valley, vote is far too close to call Vote now. Go get out the vote now
75 years ago this month, an incredible battle took place in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. It was Nazi Germany's last offensive of WWII and American forces were right in the middle of the 'Battle of the Bulge.'
Don't miss the @18airbornecorps retelling of #Bulge75
Winston Smith Winston Smith
And here we see the classic appeal to authority. If the law is the measure of just, then the law was moral when they interned the Japanese during wwii.
Mrs Odicean Mrs Odicean
My Leonard has taken to the vodka. Hehehe. He thinks #Brexit will be a disaster, but we won WWII. Just like the Brexit war. Britain is about to become a power in the world again. Jill will be delighted. #exitpoll #thearchers
Robert Robert
. It’s our right, none of your biz or that of any Pol You are truly clueless (Did you know the reason the Japanese did not invade the west coat in wwii was because Americans were known to keep guns in their homes?) Founders also thought kept intrusive govt at bay .
I have a question: why Americans want to have Ar-15 type of guns? Is there any risk of being attacked by multiple bad guys? If yes why do you still live in US? If conditions are too risky..
The suburban office park, born in the post-WWII suburban boom, is trying to make a comeback in the hopes that offering amenities like those found within an urban core will entice young professionals to work in distant office complexes #history #parks
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Uvi Poznansky Author Uvi Poznansky Author
Download ❤♡ DANCING WITH AIR ♡❤ #free WWII #Romance to keep close to your heart
Jay Severin Jay Severin
WORST LABOR (Socialist) DEFEAT SINCE 1939!! UK citizens demand right to make, live by their Own laws - not by EU socialists in Belgium EU. THE UK MEDIA IS FLABBERGASTED! CANNOT BELIEVE THEIR LEFTY DARLINGS DELIVERED WORST ELECTION SINCE WWII!!!
Ken Mack Ken Mack
WWII buffs let me know if this joke works for later in person use: Them: You see the UK election? Me: SMH they have been afraid to go left ever since Operation Market-Garden
Now to follow the UK election where the Conservatives are projected to take a strong majority vote. The people want #Brexit and they are strongly against socialism and globalism that has been tearing Europe apart since WWII. #UKElection #UKElections2019
N A Burton N A Burton
Imagine what this country would have been like if folk had voted Tory post-WWII... I think we're going to be experiencing it in 2020.... #exitpoll
Theo Usherwood Theo Usherwood
.@toryboypierce points out to me this is only the second time since WWII a party has won a fourth consecutive term of office. Thatcher won three, followed by Major.
WWII Art Exhibit at LCCC Schulman Gallery #WWII #ArtExhibition #LCCC #ssptv #NEPA
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The worse case scenario has become reality. Britain has clearly endorsed the @Conservatives agenda and inflicted the worst defeat to Corbyn’s @UKLabour since WWII. It’s clear. It’s massive. It’s undeniable. There is no quid pro quo or misunderstanding.
Ollie Ollie
Said this all along. Similar situation to the US elections, re: anyone but Clinton would have best Trump. The Labour party have been their own downfall and for that have potentially driven the country into the darkest times since WWII.
Ian Birrell Ian Birrell
Time for harsh truths. Labour deserves this predicted huge loss after sticking with Jeremy Corbyn and his hideous acolytes. But will they learn after delivering the country into the arms of Boris Johnson and enabling Brexit? #GE2019
Privalgo Privalgo
If the #exitpoll are correct this will be the worst #LabourParty result in an election since before WWII #UKElection
steiphweb steiphweb
Élie Hatem au Palais de Jupiter l'Éborgneur. 🤔 Hey, ne le dites pas trop fort mais des royalistes on résisté durant la WWII, certains juifs sont antisionistes, les chinois sont capitalistes et 99% de ceux nés après 75 vont crever au travail. Ah, j'oubliais, l'eau ça mouille.
Mended Swords Mended Swords
This WWII Vet is Cooler Than You
Rick Young Rick Young
Imagine how utterly disappointed the greatest generation, parents of baby boomers, are, to see some of their children embrace the direction the country is heading, after sacrificing everything to fight in WWII and defeat fascism, and then stare down Russia... they must b weeping
Kaigun: Strategy, Tactics, and Technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1887–1941 #WWII #WW2
ConnectingVets ConnectingVets
WWII Cadet nurses could receive veteran status, but they won't be eligible for pensions or health care.
Dalton Danaher Dalton Danaher
Busy week for the @StDominicYQR Gr. 7/8s! UofR physics lab, kick off the our WWII Holocaust unit with @DomenicScuglia, and a Mental Health and Wellness presentation from Sask. Service & Hospitality. @RCSD_No81
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Michael Malice Michael Malice
The last time the Labour party had fewer than 200 seats was before WWII #Brexit #Berxit #UKElection
Julia Jasinska Julia Jasinska
Worst labour result since WWII. But OF COURSE it is not Corbyn and his radical socialist policies #GeneralElection19
Farah Farah
1/3 This is what people don't understand about the distribution of wealth & income disparities You CAN'T keep raising the minimum wage & think that’s ur answer. That wasn’t a “thing during the post WWII economic boom” The rich were properly taxed & that money was put back into
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Oresta Oresta
going from half optimistic to realising that there's a good chance labour had the worst election since.... before wwii is really something

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