Medical #Cannabis Expansion Has Support In Texas Legislature. But Dan Patrick Might Stand In The Way. But Patrick isn’t the only one skeptical of an expansion measure. Law enforcement groups have also said they fear expanding ... R... #sativa #indica #THC
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Texas produces some fine grapefruit. Credit where credit is due.
On Weather On Weather
ROPE TORNADO! Time-lapse of shelf clouds in northwest Texas
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The Rob Breaux Show The Rob Breaux Show
I was just filling out my bracket and somehow ended with a Final 4 of Texas Tech, Duke, Cincinnati and Kansas. I locked it in.
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Milton Calderon Milton Calderon
George Strait is the King of Texas. Don't really know who the queen would be but Simone Biles is either a princess or the princess of Texas
Simone Biles Simone Biles
Published By : @Milton Calderon Published By : @Milton Calderon Published By : @Milton Calderon
MeekMill MeekMill
Who in Houston Texas let’s get in tune
Mary Rosema Mary Rosema
SpaceX will build and launch Starship/Super Heavy in Texas and Florida, says Musk via @Teslarati
when I accessed the WatchESPN app, I saw the sports menu, click on baseball and then it gave me "Live Now" Upcoming " and "Replay " I click upcoming and it defaulted to Longhorn network - 6:30pm Arkansas vs Texas . at 6:30p click and good luck
Dear radio stations of San Antonio Texas, please stop (but not actually) playing @pink’s music... its only making me more sad that I couldn’t get tickets to see her.
Spencer Hill Spencer Hill
Here's what we have been busy about lately! When you got a great team in place, all things are POSSIBLE! Shout out to Frankie! #frankie #hillrei #estatesales #realestate #flippinghouses #sales #cash #money #investor #invest #fortworth #dallas #texas
Laurette Escobar Laurette Escobar
Because Rotel makes everything better. #HEB #home_cooking #ccfoodies @ Corpus Christi, Texas
Solar Dave Solar Dave
6'8 Tha Great 6'8 Tha Great
Let's gooooo
Ryan Wood Ryan Wood
Randall Cobb seemed to know as far back as Week 17 (really, he had an idea even sooner) that his time with #Packers was done. He’ll see his old team as an opponent this fall.
TMJ-HOU Educ. Jobs TMJ-HOU Educ. Jobs
Interested in a job in #Houston, Texas? This could be a great fit: #Education
Lilliam Rivera Lilliam Rivera
After Texas this weekend, I’m flying back to New York for more. Here are two events to check out: Reading at thecoffeebreakcompany in the Bronx on Monday and panel/book signing at…
Romeo Romeo
On my way home, I will not miss you West Texas.
chyannalynn chyannalynn
We leave for Texas in 2 weeks 🤩
BuzzzBry BuzzzBry
Gina Fiandaca leaves head of transportation post for job in Texas – Boston Herald
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Sensia Sensia
Another immigrant dies in ICE custody. A 40-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Died In US Custody — The Fourth Death In Recent Months via @aflores
Seldom Used Reserve Seldom Used Reserve
Can’t speak for @STSouthland but I’ve been ruled ineligible due impermissible benefits. @BrandonRink’s family bought me dinner when they visited Texas for A&M game.
Tiger Commenter Tiger Commenter
I’m guessing @seldomusedrsrv and @STSouthland are #1 seeds in the other regions
Tim Facer Tim Facer
Hedge Fund Challenges $6 Billion Texas Land Bank in Activist Play @austwein @CrowleyKev via @markets #HedgeFunds #ActivistInvestor
Ronish Ronish
Somebody tell Ted that he won "deep red" Texas by <3%. He definitely shouldn't flex like that.
Ted Cruz Ted Cruz
Austin Chavira Austin Chavira
XXXtentación @FilmsGio r/whoosh
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Ed Bark Ed Bark
It’s that time of year again, when bracketeers tune to truTV after a year’s abstention. Play-in game currently in progress, with Texas flavor provided by gallant little Prairie View A&M. To help save some an archaeological dig, it’s on Ch. 683 if you’re a Frontier subscriber.
Houston Patch Houston Patch
Check Out This Tudor-Style Estate In Houston
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Pat Huwig Pat Huwig
Missouri City, Texas Found pet: Sparta Rd. Male- Schnauzer mix No collar, no tags, no microchip
The struggle is so damn real when you’re from Texas and Virginia doesn’t KNOW HOW TO MAKE SWEET TEA..
Tim Sorota Tim Sorota
Lol @people putting Texas Tech in their Final Four. 1 for 1 in #IWillEatMyLeftShoe bets
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Socorro Ramos-Aviles Socorro Ramos-Aviles
Asylum Seekers Take Sanctuary In Austin Churches
Pat Huwig Pat Huwig
Missouri City, Texas Found pet: Sparta Rd. Male- Schnauzer mix No collar, no tags, no microchip
Tommy Hamzik Tommy Hamzik
Buzz Williams is the leading (and only?) candidate at Texas A&M. Here's why, from @BrentZwerneman
I Love Texas I Love Texas
Best alarm ever! I Love Texas
GloriaSEA 🌎🌍🌏🌿 GloriaSEA 🌎🌍🌏🌿
Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck, Professor at University of Texas is the name of the first woman in history to be awarded top prize for math! #WomenInMath #WomenInScience #WomenInTech #womenleaders
The Hill The Hill
JUST IN: American professor becomes first woman in history to be awarded top prize for math
Published By : @GloriaSEA 🌎🌍🌏🌿
Pat Huwig Pat Huwig
Missouri City, Texas Found pet: Sparta Rd. Male- Schnauzer mix No collar, no tags, no microchip
Jonny Thunder Jonny Thunder
Yes. And very sad. Now tell us how many die outside of us custody. Tell us also if the mans pre-existent physical condition via @aflores
Del Martin Media Del Martin Media
Civil Rights Groups Call ‘Election Integrity’ Bill a ‘Dangerous New Assault on Voting Rights in Texas’
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Tim Kotzman Tim Kotzman
Happy puppies 🐶 🐶 @ Fort Worth, Texas
SB9 is 🎵 still a piece of garbage 🎵
Mom & sister’s seats for tonight’s @RazorbackBSB vs Texas in Austin! Let’s Go #Omahogs #BeatTexas #hornsdown WOO PIG!
Published By : @AR-2-NE Omahog 🐗🇺🇸
Kyle Westfall Kyle Westfall
I picked Texas Tech to win the National Championship. Who will you pick? #bracket
Published By : @Kyle Westfall
haleigh.🌈☀️ haleigh.🌈☀️
I was in Texas for 1 week, and my allergies never bothered me, my face cleared up, and my hair always looked good. I come back to WV and within 1 week of being home I got a raging sinus headache and my face is trying to break out again. 🙃
michael price michael price
I have such an appreciation for Texas women after coming to Montana lmao I love y'all to death thank you for having me..... ❤
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😂😂😂😂💀💀 @ Corpus Christi, Texas
It nails the feeling of living in Texas, but I don't like the anti-intellectual slants
corey barnes corey barnes
Okay, I want unpopular King of the Hill opinions.
Published By : @ᴀʟᴇxᴇᴄᴜᴛᴇᴅ!
kimmins kimmins
Hey. Should I leave my life in Texas behind and move to Europe?
Cristi McGowan Cristi McGowan
Texas Southern Tigers at Baylor Bears Baseball:
Dalton Dalton
Biggest upset 🔒: Montana over Michigan First 1-seed to lose: Gonzaga Most Outstanding Player: Tyler Herro Final Four: Kentucky, Texas Tech, Virginia, Michigan State National champ: Kentucky
SB Nation SB Nation
Make your #MarchMadness picks right here on Twitter, it's easier ⤵️ Biggest upset 🔒: First 1-seed to lose: Most Outstanding Player: Final Four: National champ:
i miss my family, mannn 🤧 a trip to Texas or Oklahoma is needed asappp
Reel Men Fishing Reel Men Fishing
Thank you Jill and Cody for all you do!! Limits of sheepshead = good dinners! @ Galveston, Texas
lyss nork 🌞 lyss nork 🌞
sometimes i just sit here and smile bc i think of the day when me cam ky and kay went to texas roadhouse for lunch. i honestly have never laughed so hard in one day before 😂😂😂

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