伝えたい事がある 勇気の意味と一番最初に守るべきもの 次回 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS 第9話「たいせつなこと」 皆がいつか自分の空をゆく日まで #bot
Kennedy Kennedy
I judge strikers solely on goals idc. Firmino isn’t too 5 striker for me. Idc if he “links up the play”😂
Jo house Jo house
I feel like I have been crying a lot lately about environment, the school strikers make me cry every time I hear them, the new documentary “anthropocene: a human epoch” set me off Monday...climate grief or @IPCC_CH exhaustion..who knows. Time to play some loud rock and roll
This week in Cabot Mail: Scientists 'must be allowed to cry' about destruction of #nature; €11M to look at darkening of the #GreenlandIceSheet; watch Caboteer Taro Takahashi on BBC #Panorama; & how we're bringing expertise to #Bristol’s net zero ambition
Published By : @Jo house
Tinàshë. J Tinàshë. J
- If strikers from at least 3 bottom half teams reach double figures(goals), then I have news for the League's defender's bro. :)
playing 422 with kellex as my 2 strikers is a blessing
鬼道有人 鬼道有人
จะได้ลงในภาคใหม่อีกแล้ว Inazuma Eleven Strikers ติดตามกันด้วยนะ!
Potiphar🗽 Potiphar🗽
4-1-3-2 or a 4-2-3-1. I think an AMF would maximize the use of spaces BTW the midfield and the strikers.
We’ve got a great turnout tonight for the launch of @LondonGND’s South West London group! 🌹 Labour members, XR rebels, school strikers and members of the community have come together to envision a #GreenNewDeal for the local area 💪
Published By : @Labour for a Green New Deal Published By : @Labour for a Green New Deal Published By : @Labour for a Green New Deal Published By : @Labour for a Green New Deal
Rupin Kale Rupin Kale
Arsenal have Miedema and Aubameyang as their strikers for the women’s and men’s teams right now. Enjoy it while it lasts. This is goalscoring at its best. #AFC | @ArsenalWFC | @Arsenal
UNISON North West UNISON North West
Honk if you're excited for the next 4 days of strike action! Show your support for our @NoMoralCompass1 strikers in @BlackpoolHosp and @sthknhs. Picket lines from 8am on Friday, Tuesday and Thursday. Rally at Ruskin Hotel in #Blackpool 3pm on Sunday. See you there!
Jongd⚜️ Jongd⚜️
Unpopular opinion: Bobby Firmino and Karim Benzema are the best strikers in the world, they can do anything. Discuss.
Published By : @Jongd⚜️ Published By : @Jongd⚜️
Ebelechukwu Ebelechukwu
The strikers ST and SS
FLW News Hub FLW News Hub
'The approach isn't fair' - Lowe takes aim at Plymouth strikers: Six Pointer #PAFC
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they want two strikers 😂😂😂
Time for change Time for change
No they don't, tell them about 4-4-2 and you will be friends.
90min 90min
🇦🇷 Aguero 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Kane 🇬🇦 Aubameyang 🇧🇷 Firmino 🇫🇷 Martial 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Abraham How would you rank these Premier League strikers? 🧐
Published By : @90min
Glad to represent @wpusanews out on the line with courageous @SEIU521 strikers standing up for #oursantaclara. Solidarity with our County workers who are demanding more for our working families and those who depend on our social safety net! ✊🏼
Published By : @Jeffrey Buchanan
1867News 1867News
He will do well enough over the coming months to earn a new deal. Monk will show him some love and he will score goals. Not sure if we will end up regretting it though. Bad luck follows him around and not many strikers are at their best over 30.
Alan Biggs' #sufc column @AlanBiggs1
Mike Hudema Mike Hudema
BREAKING: @GretaThunberg will join youth strikers and take her message directly to the Alberta #tarsands capital: There is no time to waste, there is no planet B. Time to listen to the science and #ActOnClimate #climate #energy #cdnpoli #abpoli #go100re
Baptist News Global Baptist News Global
Baptist pastor joins UAW picket lines to support GM strikers and emulate Christ
Deri Prior Deri Prior
Miss this city team, @jaybothroyd one of the best strikers to play in a city shirt
Cardiff City FC Cardiff City FC
📅 Taking a look back at a famous fixture between the #Bluebirds and @swfc... 💙 Remember this one, @jaybothroyd? 👉 #CityAsOne
Johno_Hoodrich Johno_Hoodrich
You riding foreign off of strikers I can’t honor that
!!!FULL TIME!!! Triad Cup Final Results: Rovers 3-1 Strikers FLOD 5-0 Strikers FLOD 1-3 Rovers UCLan Rovers win the Triad Cup Pre-season tournament after winning both matches in the finals. The Flod finish runners up in our first competition! #uptheflod
Erin Marquis Erin Marquis
I am incredibly proud of this story. It posted while I was out speaking to current strikers. They were very aware they were a part of making history. Its moments like this that I appreciate just being there to record it.
Jalopnik Jalopnik
"Women that would gladly give their life": How the Paramilitary Women's Emergency Brigade battled GM at the UAW's first big strike
Published By : @Erin Marquis
🦑 🦑
i wish i got to see r9 in his prime cos it’s hard to accept a guy with his lack of CL pedigree is one of the best strikers ever. Being a standout player in a world cup makes a crazy impact on how people view you as well, even though it is ultimately just 5/6 games
LoneWolf246 LoneWolf246
Anime Games Need More Content For DLC Instead Of Characters There's Nothing Wrong With Getting Characters As DLC But Content is More important Examples Shinobi Strikers And Jump Force
Almost the only time any strikers will get my support - plus they lose more and their leaders demonstrate that they are too stupid to make startegy!
Darren Grimes Darren Grimes
Boris: “Well, I did post that letter requesting an extension, I can’t think what happened to it...” 😂
Goal News Goal News
"If they're looking to go down the young route then they should be looking at young strikers, not Zlatan or Mandzukic." 🤦‍♂️
She is on a mad one. Our strikers 😍😍
Arsenal Women Arsenal Women
Published By : @Aubama who? Aubama what?
Lora Lora
Baptist pastor joins UAW picket lines to support strikers and emulate Christ via @baptist_news @gamalielnetwork @garciaashley
Lora Lora
Baptist pastor joins UAW picket lines to support strikers and emulate Christ via @baptist_news
Service Before Self is more than an Air Force core value, it's how #Strikers like A1C Pagel live their lives.
Published By : @AFGSC
Elijah 🇬🇧 Elijah 🇬🇧
Any you bored. . . Name me TWO different Rangers Squads made up of 11 Players & 3 Subs. 28 Players in total. You CANNOT use the same Nationality twice. If hes a Def then he must be used in Def. Same applies to Midfield or Strikers. Feel free to use any formations.
Adrian Gallagher 🇮🇪 Adrian Gallagher 🇮🇪
It’s an honour to have stood in a nation where revolution was successful and to see a monument dedicated to the ten republican hunger strikers who died in 1981. “Let tyrants tremble before men who are capable of dying for their ideals, after 60 days on hunger strike!”- F Castro
Published By : @Adrian Gallagher 🇮🇪 Published By : @Adrian Gallagher 🇮🇪 Published By : @Adrian Gallagher 🇮🇪
Lewandowski is one of the greatest strikers of this generation. Auba ain’t fit to lace his boots
Sean 🥢 Sean 🥢
Aubameyang beating Lewandowski to the golden boot then deciding he needed a tougher challenge so moved to our shit team and beat Kane and Aguero to the golden boot doesn’t nearly get talked about enough
Published By : @Harvey Specter 🔱 Published By : @Harvey Specter 🔱
Brother Pat Brother Pat
Baptist pastor joins UAW picket lines to support strikers and emulate Christ
Published By : @Brother Pat
Oli Chatterton Oli Chatterton
Do your telling me this Maynard from Mansfield is a higher rating than any of our strikers
Published By : @Oli Chatterton
Daniel Cable Daniel Cable
People asking for their money back is the same people who want to buy top end strikers but moan when we aint got the money. #oufc
Oxford United FC Oxford United FC
Next Tuesday evening would have been our match against Bury. Our thoughts go out to the staff & fans of Bury during this difficult situation. Please find below information for season ticket holders regarding the missing game ⬇️
DieterVanGucht DieterVanGucht
Excellent article about the former Inter- & Newcastle United-star striker...
These Football Times These Football Times
Obafemi Martins: the soaring Super Eagle who seduced the San Siro and St James’ Park | By @billymunday08.
BBC Sport BBC Sport
Bristol City have signed a former Barcelona B striker... Rodri is on his way to Ashton Gate! 👉
Published By : @BBC Sport
FantasyPL.com FantasyPL.com
Norwich striker Teemu Pukki scored twice for Finland against Armenia on Tuesday evening ️⚽️️⚽️ #pukkiparty lagi nih
Adam Adam
Prime Fernando Torres was one of the most feared strikers on Earth. 🌏 🇪🇸 Individual Honors🎖 •Balon Dor 3rd place •FIFA FIFPro World Xl (2x) •UEFA Euro Golden Boot Club Honors 🏆 •UEFA Champions League •UEFA Europa League (2x) •FA Cup #CFC
BBC Merseyside Sport BBC Merseyside Sport
Coming up at 6pm, @paulsaltysalt is in conversation with former #TRFC tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#TRFC striker @Humey_7 - we’ll talk about his early life in Canada, his time at Prenton Park & playing for the likes of #LCFC, #PNE tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#PNE #BarnsleyFC tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#BarnsleyFC & @CanadaSoccerEN plus his spells in the @IndSuperLeague #SWA tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#SWA
Published By : @BBC Merseyside Sport
Emanuel Roşu Emanuel Roşu
An absolutely brilliant video showing Romania manager Contra before, during and after Puscas' missed penalty vs Norway. He couldn't watch, then turned to cheer, only to see the striker had missed. Amazing video showing how intense being a manager really is.
On Saturday our striker Serdar Dursun @dursunserdar is celebrating his birthday!⚽️A great picture of him shooting the winner against St Pauli #fcsp at the end of last season #sv98 tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#sv98
Published By : @SV Darmstadt 98 | International
Footy World Footy World
FIFA 20 best young players: Career mode’s top strikers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers
'Jovic is perfect in front of goal' - Real Madrid striker backed to make the grade after slow #Eintracht 🇩🇪 #Bundesliga
sox sox
If we can play Rashford on the Left, Dan James on the Right and have Greenwood as striker then in the mid we have possibly Pogba, McSauce and Fred, then we MIGHT draw against Liverpool
Man Utd fan Man Utd fan
Better @ManUtd get Hererra and Fellaini replacements,a Striker and Right Winger or Attacking Midfielder. Wilfred Ndidi, Bruno Fernandes, Mousa Dembele and Wilfried Zaha
Manchester United hope to make four signings in January. The priority is a striker #mufc tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#mufc [the athletic]
Published By : @Man Utd fan
Manchester United hope to make four signings in January. The priority is a striker #mufc [the athletic]
Published By : @Ammad🤙🏻😈
Tribal Football Tribal Football
Man City striker Gabriel Jesus cools talk of Bayern Munich move #MCFC
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