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Giants vs․ Dolphins: Preview, predictions, what to watch for
DolphinsNationMexico DolphinsNationMexico
Bart: Por qué tan elegante Homero?. Homero: Hoy es la Fiesta de Aniversario de Dolphins Nation México en @lasalitas Insurgentes. #DNMVivenSuPasión #DNMenLasAlitas #FinsUp
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johnson johnson
Dolphins are just friendly sharks
PoeticGenius916 PoeticGenius916
Giants should definitely beat the Dolphins today so I will not be upset in the least if we lose to Philly. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Environmental Action Environmental Action
Small #whales and dolphins can't escape our modern fishing nets when they're accidentally entangled -- and it's costing them their lives. More:
連絡下さい。たぐちぇるに会えます。 キリングマネーズ企画 12月22日(日) バルクスタジオ @宗右衛門町 キリングマネーズ THE BLACK DOLPHINS タケヤリシュンタ FIGHT CLUB 18時オープン18時30分スタート 入場料1000円 飲食物持ち込み自由
Fins Bandits Fins Bandits
Purchase a "I Still Call It Joe Robbie T-shirt" And Get A Free Signed Dolphins Pennant With Every Order. $20 Free Shipping!! Order Here ➡ . . . #Miami #Finsup #Fins4Life #Dolphins #Dolfans #TShirts #Fangear #Retweet
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Jason Anderson Jason Anderson
The dolphins will beat the giants today !!!
Noah Bryan Moon Noah Bryan Moon
Dolphins vs Giants.
Published By : @Noah Bryan Moon
Brian Himmelfarb Brian Himmelfarb
Lazy Sunday? Not a chance! Shoulders and biceps at the gym today. Packers and Dolphins football in the afternoon. #gymlife #gymrat 💪
Rob Rob
It's a shame someone has to win the #Dolphins-#Giants game.
Wager Boulevard Wager Boulevard
NFL Adding Dolphins +3 +100 Falcons +10
Dolphins of Miami Dolphins of Miami
Will Tannehill continue his solid play or revert back to average when he has a chance to help the #Dolphins? @BigOShow @CannataPFN
Finnegan's Pub Finnegan's Pub
Open @11am: ⚽️EPL: Arsenal v Man. City a 11:30am. 🏈NFL: All Games. Giants v Dolphins: 1pm. Patriots v Bengals: 1pm. Bloody Marys. $3 select beers. Pool, darts, skeeball. #Hoboken
$moke Sports $moke Sports
Breakdown of today’s biggest game between the #Texas and the #Titans . Will we see a different version of Ryan Tannehill today or is it the same broken record since he was on the #Dolphins ...🤷🏻‍♂️
FactyMcFactFace FactyMcFactFace
✅ Checked: The Tory claim that kissing frogs makes dolphins appear more attractive is true #FactCheckuk #FactCheck
Lucky Luciano Lucky Luciano
Flores en los dolphins también, básicamente el éxito legal sólo en el extranjero, aquí sólo lo ilegal tiene éxito...
Oscar Funes Oscar Funes
Tenemos a Dubon en las grandes ligas y a Teofimo como campeón del mundo...mérito exclusivamente d ellos, sus familias, sus formadores... no tiene nada q ver ningún político o gobierno q por parte de ellos, no recibieron ningun tipo de apoyo, no se suban al carrito de la Victoria
Published By : @Lucky Luciano Published By : @Lucky Luciano
D Nice D Nice
Any reason why the Giants are favored over the Dolphins today?
Mike Mike
Sad I didn’t end up going to any dolphins games this year, but going to 2 next year so that’ll make up for it. Especially since we’ll have a better team.
Drifterrrs Drifterrrs
Tasmania, 2009 #stranding
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Phenom Bets Phenom Bets
Personal Plays (PP)- NFL 🏈 Seattle -6 Broncos +10 Dolphins +3.5 Titans o51 Browns -3 Falcons +10.5 Raiders -6.5 Cowboys u48.5
Michael Mathews Michael Mathews
.@RothenbergESPN start one as flex....Pascal vs Saints, Kamara vs Colts or Slayton vs Dolphins. My concern with Kamara is his lack of production all season. #fantasyplayoffs
TDeschuiteneer TDeschuiteneer
Do I take a chance with Adam Thielen? (Facing the chargers)Or do I keep in Darius Slayton? (Facing the Dolphins) #FantasyFootball
Theia Theia
Ocean Puppers! This pod of about 50 spinner dolphins played with us for about 30 min! by etkennelly
Songbirds-Slaughter Songbirds-Slaughter
Post Edited: DOLPHINS INTELLIGENCE 'Second' TO humans - WITH "Endearing Sociability" - REED WARBLER "YET ANOTHER"
Greg Cote Greg Cote
Did we meet at Mas Miami 4 last night? Great to see so many of the show's fans! Our latest blogpost, starring Dolphins-Giants preview/pick and the new Hot Button Top 10: @HeraldSports
drewcember drewcember
hey pals, is anyone looking for a new desk? I have this wide boy in black free to a good home (if you can pick it up from dolphins barn). I got it without the pullout bit so it's just the main desk.
sav sav
NFL Picks: 12/14 last week 🔥 Packers. (3 point game) Chiefs. Buccaneers. Dolphins. Eagles. Patriots. Seahawks. Titans. (Shootout) Browns. Raiders. Vikings. (Shootout) 49ers. Cowboys. Bills. (Loser leaves town) Saints.
12/15 CARD (1/2) 🏈Bears +5 (-110) 🏈NE/CIN over 41.5 (-110) 🏈NE TTO 27 (-120) 🏈Dolphins +3 (-115) 🏈Cowboys +1 (-105) 🏈CLE/ARZ 1H over 23.5 (-120) 🏈Baker Mayfield over 265.5 passing yds (-120) 🏈Raiders 1H -3.5 (-115 MAX) 🏈Raiders -6.5 (-105 MAX) 🏈Falcons +10.5 (-110 MAX)
Blue Horseshoe Blue Horseshoe
🏈 Shoe’s #NFL Plays 🏈 2U: Buccs-Lions O45.5 2U: #Texans +3 2U: #Raiders -6 2U: #Packers -4 2U: Vikings-Chargers O45.5 2U: #Rams -1 2U: Tease #Dolphins +9/#49ers -4.5 2U: #Bills +1
Executioner Executioner
Kyle Crabbs Kyle Crabbs
Dolphins by 30
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
White jerseys. White pants. #FinsUp
Published By : @Kyle Crabbs
Matt McCarthy Matt McCarthy
For 1 o’clock slate Skins +6.5 GB -4.5 Titans -3 Tampa -5.5 Bengals +10.5 Panthers +7 Broncos +9.5 Dolphins (lol) +3
The Giants and Dolphins are playing for one goal.
Published By : @Daniel Rozenfeld
Beak Bets Beak Bets
NFL🏈 Bears +4 -110 1.5U Broncos +10 -110 1.5U Dolphins/Giants u45.5 -110 1.5U
Miami Dolphins vs New York Giants Live Stream Pregame! via @YouTube
ALL Dolphins fans should be rooting for Ryan Tannehill today. Has the chance to knock the Texans back into the teens in the draft order, 5+ spots they could lose which would be very beneficial.
Tommy Coyle Tommy Coyle
Giants - Dolphins game of the week?
zowie. zowie.
this sounds fun. 🥺 capricorn. goat. polar bears. tigers. dolphins/killer whales. sharks. penguins.
quote this with your sign and animals you identify with! leo; lioness/jaguar/cheetah/panther/puma snake dragon rabbit gazelle
Matt Lombardo Matt Lombardo
A picturesque December Sunday for what is likely Eli Manning’s final start in a #Giants uniform as #NYG aims to avoid the dubious mark of setting a franchise record 10th straight game against the Dolphins. #NFL
Published By : @Matt Lombardo
Preston Johnson Preston Johnson
All I want for Christmas is the #Dolphins to lose out!
Jon B. Jon B.
I’m not even gonna watch the Giants play today cause I’m not in the correct headspace to watch them lose to the DOLPHINS
🕊 🕊
If you had to steal one player from each team in your division who are you taking. Jets : Bell Dolphins : DeVante parker Bills : John brown
Paul Smith Paul Smith
#FFNow start Eli Manning vs dolphins or Aaron Rodgers vs bears.
Establish The Run Establish The Run
Programming note: Today's Live Stream with @evansilva & @adamlevitan will being at 1145am ET, as usual. Topics include Dolphins WRs, weather, Derrick Henry, Will Fuller, your questions and more.
Mitchell Lapierre Mitchell Lapierre
Second, #MIAvsNYG: - Dolphins cover +3.5 - Patrick Laird over 41.5 rushing yards (-112) - Saquon Barkley over 79.5 rushing yards (-115)
#MIAvsNYG #FinsUp #GiantsPride Miami Dolphins (3-10) vs. New York Giants (2-11) TANK BOWL
Published By : @The Infamous Gus Da Motherfuckin Bus
Justice McKennon Justice McKennon
The dolphins and the giants play today! Lmaoooo! What a loserfest!
Enjoy Florida Enjoy Florida
Hey -- you --- CATCH!!! Education. Research. FUN at @DolphinResearch in the #Florida #Keys Come swim with the dolphins or sea lions in this beautiful natural gulf of Mexico lagoon pools, enjoy a painting session with a dolphin, or watch training sessions with the animals!
Published By : @Enjoy Florida
Fidaf Gameday Fidaf Gameday
Firenze: Guelfi 18 DOLPHINS 29 [Final, U19] I Dolphins battono i Guelfi e accedono alle semifinali. Affronteranno i Seamen. @AnconaDolphins @guelfifirenze @Giovani_guelfi @Seamen_milano
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