#Bangladesh Children of Indian Community in Dhaka of Bangladesh presents cultural programme at High Commission of India in Dhaka to celebrate the 71st Republic Day of India.
Published By : @NEWS TIME BARAK Published By : @NEWS TIME BARAK
DhakaTribune DhakaTribune
#Coronavirus: #Bangladesh govt mulling #ChinaTravelBan
Dave Stadtmiller Dave Stadtmiller
#PompousPompeo treats reporters with same disdain as trump does. No press briefings, lying out their asses, harassing anyone who disagrees w/them. This isn't the USA anymore but Russia, Russia, Russia! #PutinValues #FOOLS #GUILTY #KERPLUNK
Francis Smythe #CCOT Francis Smythe #CCOT
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview | Fox News GIVE’M hell Mike!
DhakaTribune DhakaTribune
#HC moved to scrap #Tabith’s candidacy
TOI Sports News TOI Sports News
Bangladesh to host Zimbabwe in February-March
Hon'ble Prime Minister of #Bangladesh #SheikhHasina greeted #Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi on the occasion of #71st #RepublicDay In her message, the Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasised the India & Bangladesh relationship, based on civilisational ties as a model to the world
Published By : @MD MITON ISLAM
ayesha kabir ayesha kabir
One-stop service of the Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority cuts down on corruption and hassle for businesses @ProthomAlo @UNDP_BD #Bangladesh #economy #business #corruption @Bangla_Hub
BCBtigers : Zimbabwe Tour of Bangladesh 2020 #BCB #BANvZIM (via Twitter )
Published By : @Md Mahabubur Rashid Published By : @Md Mahabubur Rashid
Zimbabwe Tour of Bangladesh 2020 #BCB #BANvZIM
Published By : @Md Mahabubur Rashid
Mahbubul Alam Mahbubul Alam
#Asim we love you so much. ❤ from #Bangladesh.
Bayes Ahmed Bayes Ahmed
Attending the annual general meeting of Bangladesh Society of Geoinformatics (BSGI)! #gis
Published By : @Bayes Ahmed
Craig Morey Craig Morey
The idea that @NPRKelly pointed to Bangladesh instead of Ukraine on Pompeo’s map is laughable. He put that on lie on letter-headed paper. And who keeps unlabelled maps of the world anyway, unless you intend to attempt to assert your misplaced superiority on a regular basis. Ugh.
Rehman Asad Rehman Asad
$964m financial closure for Payra Port's capital dredging by Feb
Nour Al Islam Nour Al Islam
সমঝোতায় লুট হচ্ছে ব্যাংকের টাকা | 495707|| Bangladesh Pratidin
Md. Mamun Miah Md. Mamun Miah
সমঝোতায় লুট হচ্ছে ব্যাংকের টাকা | 495707|| Bangladesh Pratidin
Daniel Cosgrove Daniel Cosgrove
This is, or at least should be really concerning behaviour. This can not become normalized. He should be dragged and exposed for this. The idea she confused Bangladesh with Ukraine further exposes his stupidity.
Oh Puhlease-If he was going to accuse @NPRKelly of failing his test he could’ve at least picked a country that is near Ukraine. Does @SecPompeo even know how to find Bangladesh on a map?
.@SecPompeo asked if @NPRKelly — a veteran national security correspondent — could find Ukraine on a blank map. (She did). He later released a statement accusing her of lying to him, ending it with: "It is worth noting that Bangladesh is NOT Ukraine."
Hello,I'm Trishan the Owner of CK_STUDIO (Professional Graphic Designer) from Bangladesh. I am working on Designing Sector since 2013. My weapon is Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC & Adobe Acrobat DC.ORDER ME!!
I have watched Mike Pompeo for years and doubt this happened the way the reporter claimed. However, if it did tough tittie, the media unfairly attacks this administration at a machine gun pace, so if he did get annoyed, well good for him.
TOI Sports TOI Sports
#BANvZIM @BCBtigers to host @ZimCricketv in February-March Details:
Published By : @TOI Sports
H P Drenckberg H P Drenckberg
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview
#British envoy discusses #election issues with #Ishraque
BCBtigers : Zimbabwe Tour of Bangladesh 2020 #BCB #BANvZIM
Published By : @S M Mejba-Ul-Haque Published By : @S M Mejba-Ul-Haque
Brokenletter Brokenletter
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview #FoxNews
Maxime Maxime
#Repost @WEFBookClub (@get_repost) ・・・ Lighting up the future. #bangladesh #energy #sustainability #howtosavetheplanet #wef20
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: NPR forced to issue apology to Trump After Pompeo's statement, both Anti-American journalists and congressional Democrats rushed to Kelly's defense.
ContraRéplica ContraRéplica
Dio a conocer @RojasAvilaLuis, director general de @COFOCE que los productos originarios de #Guanajuato lograron llegar a nuevos mercados, como Bangladesh, Serbia, Luxemburgo y Maldivas. @gobiernogto
Dan Dragomir Dan Dragomir
I wish you all a nice Sunday! Anything else on Bangladesh?
Rajender Kumar Arya Rajender Kumar Arya
This message is for all the Women those who are showing protests in many cities of New India, among them many illegal entered Bangladeshi women in those agitations because they are afraid that they have to go back to Bangladesh.
Published By : @Rajender Kumar Arya
Bangladesh Ambassador pays farewell call on President
Michelle Michelle
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview All those “fancy degrees” from Cambridge etc... and she can’t even find Ukraine on a map? She got robbed
Munib Bin Ali Munib Bin Ali
Lack of big-hitters forcing Bangladesh to try Soumya down the order, says Domingo
Published By : @Munib Bin Ali
Prothom Alo Prothom Alo
২০১৭ সালের ২৪ অক্টোবর ফারিয়াকে গলা কেটে হত্যা করেন আসামিরা। পরে লাশ লুকানোর জন্য সাত টুকরা করে...
Brian Craig Brian Craig
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview #FoxNews
Matt Koenig Matt Koenig
Mike, we call BS on you.
rocky baby rocky baby
Republican strategist roasts Pompeo's response to NPR incident
Elaina McCartney Elaina McCartney
Reporter correctly points to Ukraine on map, and @SecPompeo thinks it’s Bangladesh. #WhiteMaleRage Sec. of State Mike Pompeo allegedly yelled and swore at reporter and made her find Ukraine on a map
iAble iAble
So now we know that Pompeo confuses Ukraine with Bangladesh. Inconceivable bc he’s supposed to be the Sec. of State, and considering that these two countries are practically on opposite sides of the world.
League of India League of India
❌John H❌ ❌John H❌
Pompeo blasts 'shameful' NPR reporter, claims she broke agreement reached before interview | Fox News. Pompeo should have known not to trust the media!
LatestLY LatestLY
#PakistanvsBangladesh #Dream11 Team Prediction: Tips to Pick Best Playing XI With All-Rounders, Batsmen, Bowlers & Wicket-Keepers for #PAKvsBAN 3rd T20I Match 2020 #PAKvBAN #dream11Prediction #Dream11Team #Dream11Tips
#Bangladesh to take on #Zimbabwe in one-off Test
DC 📚⌛️🌎❄️ DC 📚⌛️🌎❄️
Exactly this: I assume most know Bangladesh is East of India and Ukraine is Eastern Europe!
Walter Shaub Walter Shaub
Pompeo claims @NPRKelly mistakenly identified Bangladesh as Ukraine. As we evaluate what may be the most breathtakingly childish official statement ever issued by a Secretary of State in over two centuries, consider the magnitude of the mistake he implausibly claims she made:
Published By : @DC 📚⌛️🌎❄️
Radio Athoi Radio Athoi
ঘরে বসেই পাহাড়ের বাসিন্দারা পাবে স্থায়ী বাসিন্দার সনদ - - #Bangladesh #Banglanews
Published By : @Radio Athoi
শুভ সন্ধ্যা @ Dhaka, Bangladesh
ARY Sports ARY Sports
Will Pakistan clean sweep or Bangladesh will end the series on a winning note? #ARYSports #PAKvBAN
💣 Sabías qué❓ ➽ ...en Bangladesh, los niños de 15 años pueden ser encarcelados por hacer trampa en sus examenes finales. 🤓✍️👨‍✈️

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