The Light Skinned God The Light Skinned God
TRASH. Still waiting for Max B though
DJ Akademiks DJ Akademiks
French Montana 'Montana' album expected to sell 20K first week.
bolu babalola bolu babalola
So I'm watching the P&R finale again because it makes me so happy and it is so satisfying and like Ben silently giving up running for governor so Leslie can do it is just so quietly tender and powerful and now I am angry AGAIN at the man who said B&L weren't meant to be together
Antía🌌 Antía🌌
¿Qué preferirías? (A o B) 1. B 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. A 7.B 8.A 9. A 10. A MANDA 4444 Y TE ENVÍO LAS PREGUNTAS
Ron Dobbs Ron Dobbs
Report on F.B.I. Russia Inquiry Finds Serious Errors but Debunks Anti-Trump Plot
Shoko Ogushi Shoko Ogushi
TrinityNYC TrinityNYC
全国に高級ホテル建てるとか言ってるけどさ・・・ 高級ホテルの宿泊客が向かった観光地が、どこもかしこも、 「ご当地ゆるキャラ」と「ご当地ソング」 でお出迎えって、観光というものに対する期待値と現実のギャップ激しすぎるんで、そこらへんヨロシクなw
oomfs can u pls suggest what else i should make as charms or keychains? i also made pancakes and empanadas 🤣 i will b selling them tmrrw in a bazaar
im going to make these into charms <33 im so happy on how they turned out aaAAAA
Published By : @kea ☆ is busy! Published By : @kea ☆ is busy!
とり とり
死んで悲しかったキャラは沢山いるけど心に残ってるのは夜神月とB.B.Jokerの生物。 #死んで欲しくなかったキャラ晒す
relationship q’s 1) yayyy 2) muchísimo mucho 3) B but gotta be an s 4) holding hands 5) cualquiera que tenga algún significado especial entre ambas 6) ambas uwu 7) en grandes cantidades 8) teóricamente lo estoy 9) no sé si es lo que creo pero diré que sí 10) pequeña pero las
PapaScoob PapaScoob
Ex B.
upil upil
jadi INFP dicap aneh dan sombong. gemini dicap brengsek dan munafik. golongan darah B dicap egois dan keras kepala. emang bener ga ada yg bagus :(
mom mom
This was me before I met Nathan hahaha I had no idea a) what dab rigs were b) how to use them or c) how much they are. AND NOW LOOK AT ME, MA
Ben Ben
“I wanna know who pays 1200 for a dab rig” I just spent the weekend around people who own glass literally 10-15x more expensive than what I own... so..... 😂😂😂
minato lee minato lee
Acer TravelMate B NX.V7QAA.016 11.6-Inch Laptop
Primera Cia. Chonchi Primera Cia. Chonchi
#Chonchi En estos momentos avanza nuestra unidad B-1 más B-3 a quema de matorrales sector Canaan.
Published By : @Primera Cia. Chonchi
テニスしろbot テニスしろbot
都営の空きコートを見つけました。 篠崎公園A(人工芝) 12/14 13:00 大井ふ頭海浜公園B(ハード) 12/14 07:00
うずまき うずまき
師範のお子さんの写真がSNSに上がっている。すでに師範の流派の型に見える姿勢をとっている。おそらく遊びの一環のような雰囲気。 秒で追い抜かされる未来しか見えないわ、、!おそろしい子!
flunderingchipper flunderingchipper
Shitty Gamer Takes Shitty Gamer Takes
There's way shitter takes but just for sheer laffs this is the shitty gamer take of the decade. Congratulations, it was a fierce competition!
Published By : @flunderingchipper
Published By : @𝕶𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖆🍒
HoneyCocoMilk HoneyCocoMilk
Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Arden B cream rose coat. via @poshmarkapp #shopmycloset
Where there’s a will there’s a way 🙏🏽
Congratulations W.B. Kurt on your Hiram award!
Published By : @Glen Avon Lodge #306 A.F.&A.M.
kat ♡ kat ♡
guys he finished school early right he may b didn’t get time to learn about the other states let alone counties 😔✨
Brittany Brittany
I am trying to be strategic about my next move but I don’t think I’m going last at that place.
Je pleure pour tous ce que j’ai pas pu dire ou accomplir
e.rinowen e.rinowen
I’ve learned not to talk about myself around boys. Frankly because A. they won’t care or B. they just won’t let you.
for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. ~Matthew 5:12 b #YouAreBlessed
wayan.s wayan.s
と~っても!楽しかったぁ~(≧∇≦)b 名古屋(愛知)の人達、音楽レベル高いね! ちょっと、感動して、名古屋にて朝を迎えました!🤗
LIVE出演者、 一枚目、左から しずく(@twink439)さん TOWA(@Towa35846585)さん wayan(@dr_wayan)さん 雑用係(@thefolk3360) 写真四枚目のありさ(@arisaANCHEIN )ちゃん 皆さんお世話無しに歌レベル高すぎてもうね… 主催のぺく(@pwecld)さん、響(@kyo_hibiki_y)ちゃん、ありがとうございました!
Published By : @wayan.s Published By : @wayan.s Published By : @wayan.s Published By : @wayan.s
atako atako
今日はB型肝炎の3回目のワクチンに行く予定〜。 インフルもらわないように、ワクチン優先時間に行ってきます。 こういう時間の配慮があるのって、助かる! 今のところ、順調にワクチン接種進んでます♪ いろんなワクチンが定期になってありがたいです。
nòra nòra
bana bakin picler b ve d sikkini ayni anlama sokamazsiniz doverim sizi
nòra nòra
arkadaslar sizce su an ne yiyorum tahmin etmesi cok zor degil a) cikolata b) muz c) ikisi de d) yarrami
kedimiyo kedimiyo
Published By : @kedimiyo
Devon Andrew Balaam Devon Andrew Balaam
She is everything I want today and for the rest of my life 🥰✨
Ken Cherry Ken Cherry
See you on Saturday!
Friendship PCS Friendship PCS
Looking for an exceptional school for your child to thrive from pre-k to 12th grade? We’d love to meet you this Saturday, December 14th at #EdFEST19 from 11-3pm at the DC Armory. See you there🤗 #FriendshipPCS #EdFEST19 #meetyouthere
Published By : @Ken Cherry
cardosão cardosão
credo virei uma chorona agora
ウチのHBD-F1はガラだけだからなぁ…HDDを入れ替えてFS-A1GTのBドライブにしかならない。 #msx
it can both be true that a. these are objectively reasonable prices and b. some people don't have fashion as their primary interest, or can only afford fast fashion, and aren't aware of the value of every item
Bri Bri
I was honestly SO intrigued, I literally WANTED the whole set.... until I went to see what the prices were
Published By : @'hey, ma' for record of the year Published By : @'hey, ma' for record of the year
Leandro Requena 🇧🇷 Leandro Requena 🇧🇷
Acabei de falar em outro Tweet. Creio que em 2020 o Coxa terá talvez o penúltimo orçamento da Série A. Entre os 5 últimos com certeza. Já pensaram nisso? Com o maior orçamento da B nas mãos dessa diretoria, levamos 2 anos pra subir. Gelou até a alma agora...
Felps Felps
Ano q vem tem série B, mas pelo menos a peita da Adidas vai ficar maravilhosa
helenzinha helenzinha
n vou falar com mais ninguém, chega!
鈴木 貴之 鈴木 貴之
毎日50,000人以上があそぶ無料アプリ『ぴたコイン』で今すぐビットコインをゲットしよう!ここから登録するだけでもらえるよ #鹿子木健 #FX #勝ちパターン #SOPHIA #仮想通貨 #斉藤圭佑
グンマン グンマン
土方十四郎bot 土方十四郎bot
제이 제이
Why were things wilding at night tho like .we got bh issuing official statement rgrding jt/b/c, another rumor of comeback, taehyung being a whole cutie with his selcas huhuuu
|| gonna merge one of my accounts into a verse b/c it looks fun
Kim Namjoon Kim Namjoon
1204197609549774848 b

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