L . h u n n y🦚 L . h u n n y🦚
Ashes be hanging on for dear life
Emeka Emeka
Water You turned into wine Opened the eyes of the blind There's no one like you None like you Into the darkness You shine Out of the ashes we rise There's No one like you None like you
Spazio Spazio
[my funeral] Vicar: “Ashes to ashes” Muffled voice from inside my coffin: “I didn’t mean all the God jokes!” Vicar: “Dust to dust”
Love Love
Light up my troubles and watch it turn into ashes 💨
SportsGridUK SportsGridUK
Ashes 2019, Australia vs Pakistan at the Gabba, Tim Paine on David Warner vs Ben Stokes book
Published By : @SportsGridUK
erudite scholar erudite scholar
If you are one of those who look down on people because your house is bigger and nicer than theirs, just look down. The ground you see will be your house and theirs when you die. Earth to Earth. Ashes to Ashes.
WIAM Radio WIAM Radio
Now playing: Everything Good by Ashes Remain
Garry and Tim Garry and Tim
NOW | Simon Katich joins Garry and Tim on the line! "Everyone will be looking forward to seeing how we go after a successful Ashes series."
DJ Paradroid DJ Paradroid
A Stars War Haiku: Anakin doesn't like sand, Shame he's now ashes. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order |
👾 👾
Most Dramatic Music: "Dust And Ashes" by Audiomachine via @YouTube
ChopperThe❤😇 ChopperThe❤😇
"Ok boomer" "Very well old hag" "Indeed ashes" What else 😳? :P
HarperFiction HarperFiction
A secret mission. A terrible choice. A young boy stranded... From the number one bestselling author of Ashes Of London comes a tale of one boy’s fight for survival in Nazi Europe 👉 #TheSecondMidnight
Published By : @HarperFiction
The Book Retreat The Book Retreat
A secret mission. A terrible choice. A young boy stranded... From the number one bestselling author of Ashes Of London comes a tale of one boy’s fight for survival in Nazi Europe 👉 #TheSecondMidnight
Published By : @The Book Retreat
Bhelri Enebiet Bhelri Enebiet
"born in fire, died in ashes" -dark elf/drow oc -fantasy settings -mage -5'7 -female, bi -#openrp -#opendm -#nolimits -do not reply to pinned.
Linda🖤 Linda🖤
all the dreams you had you watch em all turn into ashes
Tayvan Drama Tayvan Drama
"Ashes of Love" 19. bölüm yayınlanmıştır. Keyifli seyirler dileriz.
Published By : @Tayvan Drama
Lorraine Moalosi Lorraine Moalosi
Published By : @Lorraine Moalosi
lewis 💜 lewis 💜
Mine are all burnt, reduced to ashes, all destroyed, none exi- what do you mean there's one one my wall?
Erik Denison Erik Denison
A swift reaction by @CricketAus was good, but a one game suspension is inadequate. Imagine if it had been a racist slur instead.
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
at the very least doc should be warning peeps to keep their kids and pets safe. camping amongst dead rats seems like a health hazard to me. tourists will be staying away in droves ... i guess thats a good thing at least.
Saisha Singne Saisha Singne
When I open Twitter I feel like this person who is sipping a glass of wine in room and watching the world burn to ashes... And my point is why don't I care!?🤷🏻 Yeah! Because im worried sick about clearing my subject and getting a decent job.. duh!
I'm live playing Remnant: From the Ashes I don't know how to play but yeah that's the fun part, right? @RetweetMixer @UniteMixer @Watch_Mixer @MixerShares @MixerRetweeter @MixerRetweet @Watch_Mixer @MixerStreams #RemnantFromtheAshes
Spike Marshall Spike Marshall
#LIFF2019 Film 40! LAND OF ASHES. Not quite on my wavelength, but that is more on me than the film. It's a gorgeous slice of life in a stunning part of the world, infused with a spiritualism & sense of grace that is effortless & affirming. I wish I had more patience with it. 4⭐
Tay 🛸 Tay 🛸
Men really don’t logically think things through. Tell me why i had to talk my bf out of relieving his ear pressure by lighting a rolled up newspaper with a PAPER plate at the bottom to catch the ashes in our studio with no windows. He wanted to put it in his ear and light it 🙄
Narkval Narkval
We finally received Potato's ashes. Peaceful Pets Aquamation was super kind, they even gave us a complimentary paw print 😭
Published By : @Narkval
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
Dentists continue to ignore fluoride’s effect on the brain - fluoride free NZ
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
IT'S NOT OVER YET: Intense heatwave set to exacerbate bushfire threat
Indy Wrestling(DOT)us Indy Wrestling(DOT)us
See From the Ashes with @rpwwrestling138, @calvin_couture, @TheKtArquette and MORE! AVAILABLE NOW #DVD and the #IndyWrestlingNetwork at
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
caspurrr 🦇 caspurrr 🦇
With makeup vs without, still cute
Published By : @caspurrr 🦇
Ashley Purvis Ashley Purvis
Why is life always hell for the two weeks prior to my birthday???
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
🐢 ⚠️ 🐢 ⚠️
Zu will always live in the ashes of my memory
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
Mirra of Serra from An Ember in the Ashes Deen Ra’ad from We Hunt the Flame 🥺🥺🥺 #eternaltears #iwillneverforget #mYfAvEs *starts sobbing*
Published By : @Nina | نِيْنَا 🐚🧜🏼‍♀️
My Name is Eli My Name is Eli
Which fictional character’s death have you still not gotten over?
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
Re: Inside Te Urewera: The overdue pardon of Rua Kēnana
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
Officer shot by arrow as Hong Kong protesters occupy university campus
oanzfilmproduction oanzfilmproduction
NZDF's failure to clear explosives costs the lives of seven Afghani children
Mary. Mary.
A palette knife sits among a pile of burnt paper ashes... #MaryBot
Invincible Invincible
The sadness in you won't always be there & you'll rise from the ashes to be the fire that can burn down an empire🖤.
DennyPG DennyPG
"Rest in Vinyl” - A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album
Paggawoot Paggawoot
Embrace the flames. A new head coach rises from the ashes
Published By : @Paggawoot
cams half smoked cigar cams half smoked cigar
Why am I forcing myself to watch this.
Matthew Boicourt Matthew Boicourt
Heb 9:13 KJV—For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh:
Gary Reiter Gary Reiter
The story of $ISEE rising from the ashes to fight GA AMD is compelling, even if the rate of CNV elevates with P3 numbers. Adding.
nlog analogue nlog analogue
when i die i want my ashes to be mixed with the Starbucks Dragon Drink™️ and my fortune will go to whoever successfully drinks the entire Forbidden Dragon Aurora Drink™️
em em
if u see me burning old looking parchment paper in a sacred jar then see me scatter the ashes under an old tree, LITERALLY mind ur business 😤
Leahtheminx Leahtheminx
I'll say this now; when I die, I want someone to pour a @DaMhile Seaweed Gin Dirty Martini over the spot where my ashes have been scattered... A classic for years and rightly so.
After i die, I want my cremated ashes to be
Published By : @I’m Incredibly Online 💮
how are they going to no homo hua cheng transferring his spiritual power to xie lian??? hua cheng gifting his ashes to xie lian?? hua cheng building thousands of statues of xie lian?? hua cheng literally waiting eight hundred years for xie lian?????

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