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wangxian au where lwj and wwx are struggling college students both working fast food jobs and lwj is wwx’s manager and every time it’s wwx’s shift he asks lwj if he can play music over the speakers and lwj always says yes bc he’s hopelessly in love and wwx always w/o fail plays


Tp kan kl w kuliah di ui deket rumah gitu mksdnya masih jabodetabek kan ga culture shock lah klo w di jateng jatim mana bisa gua ngomonf aku kamu all day

W: 자유롭게 산다고? T: 숨을 필요 없이? #Twins

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Cardenalito added a bet 'Brazil (W) - Japan (W)' with odds and prediction 1.92 for Japan (W) (+15.5), stake - 10/10

T: 샌드.. W: 위치? #Twins

Team, Place & City Details

VK Selver Tallinn

VK Selver Tallinn is a professional Volleyball team based in Tallinn, Estonia. It plays in the Schenker League and in the CEV Cup.


Audentese SG/Noortekoondis, known as G4S Noorteliiga for sponsorship reasons, is a basketball team based in Tallinn, Estonia. The team plays in the I Liiga.


Jelgava ; German: Mitau; see also other names) is a city in central Latvia about 41 kilometres (25 miles) southwest of Riga with 55,972 inhabitants (2019). It is the largest town in the region of Zemgale (Semigalia).

Jelgava District
Jelgava District

Jelgava District was an administrative division of Latvia, located in Semigallia region, in the country's centre. It was organized into a city, two municipalities and twelve parishes, each with a local government authority.

Jelgava Air Base
Jelgava Air Base

Jelgava Airfield is an airfield in Latvia located on the north border of Jelgava, a city in Latvia. During Soviet times, it was a military forward deployment attack base, but now is used by general aviation.

Jelgava Palace
Jelgava Palace

Jelgava Palace or historically Mitau Palace (Latvian: Mītavas pils, German: Schloss Mitau) is the largest Baroque-style palace in the Baltic states. It was built in the 18th century based on the design of Bartolomeo Rastrelli as a residence for the Dukes of Courland in their capital of Mitau (today's Jelgava, Latvia).

Jelgava massacres

The Jelgava massacres were the killing of the Jewish population of the city of Jelgava, Latvia that occurred in the second half of July or in early August 1941. The murders were carried out by German police units under the command of Alfred Becu, with a significant contribution by Latvian auxiliary police organized by Mārtiņš Vagulāns.

Jelgava Municipality
Jelgava Municipality

Jelgava Municipality is a municipality in Zemgale, Latvia. The municipality was formed in 2009 by merging Eleja parish, Glūda parish, Jaunsvirlauka parish, Lielplatone parish, Līvbērze parish, Platone parish, Sesava parish, Svēte parish, Valgunde parish, Vilce parish, Vircava parish, Zaļenieki parish and Kalnciems town with its countryside territory the administrative centre located in Jelgava city, which is not included in the territory of municipality.

Jelgava–Liepāja Railway

The Jelgava–Liepāja Railway is a 180 kilometres long, 1,524 mm (5 ft) gauge railway built in the 20th century to connect the cities Jelgava and Liepāja, Latvia.

Jelgava–Meitene Railway

The Jelgava–Meitene Railway is a 33 kilometres long, 1,524 mm (5 ft) gauge railway built in the 20th century to connect Jelgava and Tilsit (now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast). Past the border with Lithuania, the line continues over Šarkiai to connect with the Vilnius–Klaipėda Railway at Šiauliai.

Jelgava–Krustpils Railway

The Jelgava–Krustpils Railway is a 138 kilometres long, 1,524 mm (5 ft) gauge railway built in the 19th century to connect Ventspils and Moscow.

Jelgava Gymnasium
Jelgava Gymnasium

Jelgava Gymnasium or Academia Petrina is the oldest higher educational establishment in Latvia. Based on an idea by Friedrich Wilhelm von Raison, it was established in Mitau, capital of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia, by Duke Peter von Biron in 1775.