A brief glimpse into the past

Ok here are the things i actually expect for Nintendo E3 tomorrow 1: BOTW2 shown releasing March-April 2022 2) An addition to skyward sword no one asked for 3) some form of rom dump 4) SMTV but I’m skeptical about the world wide release unless Nintendo is localizing which i doubt

nooo la propuesta ke le tengo a jhona y a sami, espero q digan ke si🤞

My Nintendo predictions for tomorrow: Opens with one new Smash character (Maybe first party?) Xenoblade 3 New Kirby Sports Story imminent release date trailer Mario Kart 8 X Tour, ACNH, HWAOC updates No BOTW2, MP4, Bayonetta 3 Yes SMTV I believe the new DK and Metroid rumors

I’m ready for today to end. Up since 4:30, really dragging. Time to put on my History of China podcast and have dorky dreams.

Utah Jazz x Los Angeles Clippers - NBA ao vivo é com Budweiser via @YouTube

Meu/Minha Namorado/a do Twitter é: @thaiimoreno1

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Meu/Minha Namorado/a do Twitter é: @thaiimoreno1 Descubra o seu em ⠀

Los Angeles Clippers x Utah Jazz - NBA Playoffs - Ao Vivo em Áudio

E loco mañana juega Argentina contra Bulgaria (voley)