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HK Lida - HK Mogilev 1. Periyot 0,5 altt .... Kasa !! #bet #iddaa

Samojako added a bet 'HC Lida - Khimvolokno Mogilev' with odds and prediction 1.57 for HC Lida, stake - 10/10

Samojako added a bet 'HC Shakhtyor Soligorsk - HK Gomel' with odds and prediction 1.49 for HC Shakhtyor Soligorsk, stake - 10/10

Beatriz oliveira added a bet 'HC Shakhtyor Soligorsk - HK Gomel' with odds and prediction 5.50 for Draw (HC Shakhtyor Soligorsk -1), stake - 6/10

Ende #Eishockey Herren #Platzierungsspiele Gruppenphase 3:4 nP Lida vs #LokomotivOrsha 4:1 #PinskiyeYastreby vs Mogilev

Ende #Eishockey Herren #Extraleague Finalrunde 2:0 #Gomel vs Soligorsk (Serie 3:1)

Lars bitzer added a bet 'HC Lida - HC Lokomotiv Orsha' with odds and prediction 2.00 for Over, stake - 10/10

Jeank-n69 added a bet 'HC Lida - HC Lokomotiv Orsha' with odds and prediction 5.40 for Draw (HC Lida 3), stake - 6/10

Team, Place & City Details

FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk

FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk is a Belarusian Premier League football club, playing in the city of Soligorsk (Salihorsk) .

HK Lida

HK Lida is a Belarusian ice hockey team that plays in the Belarusian Extraleague.

Wallidan FC

Wallidan Football Club is a Gambian football club based in Banjul and Bakau. They play in the top division in Gambian football, the GFA League First Division, and are the most decorated team in the country's football history.

Walid Amber

Walid Amber Esmail (born 11 January 1993) is an Emirati footballer. He currently plays as a winger for Ittihad Kalba on loan from Shabab Al-Ahli.

Stylianos Kyriakides

Stylianos 'Stelios' Kyriakides – December 1987) was a marathon runner who came first at the Boston Marathon in 1946, with the aim of raising money to provide food and shelter to the Greeks, who were experiencing severe poverty after the Second World War and Greek Civil War.

Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood
Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood

Lida Louise Fleitmann Bloodgood was an American author and horsewoman in both America and Europe.She was born as Lida Louise Fleitmann in 1894 to William Medlicott Fleitmann (1859-1929). On October 1, 1915 she received a double fracture of her right leg when her lightweight hunter, Cygnet, slipped and fell while they were competing at the Piping Rock Horse Show Association's thirteenth annual exhibition on the grounds of the Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, New York.In 1922 she married John Van Schaick Bloodgood.

USM Blida
USM Blida

Union Sportive Madinat Blida , known as USM Blida or simply USMB for short, is a football club based in the city of Blida. The club was founded in June 1932 and its colours are green and white.


Salihorsk is a city in Belarus. In 2010 its population was 102,335.


Soligorskopterus is a genus of eurypterid, a group of extinct aquatic arthropods. Fossils of Soligorskopterus have been discovered in deposits from the Late Devonian.

Willi Dansgaard

Willi Dansgaard was a Danish paleoclimatologist. He was Professor Emeritus of Geophysics at the University of Copenhagen and a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Icelandic Academy of Sciences, and the Danish Geophysical Society.


Wallimann is the name of the following people:

Wallis Annenberg
Wallis Annenberg

Wallis Huberta Annenberg is an American philanthropist and heiress. Annenberg serves as President and Chairwoman of the Board of The Annenberg Foundation, a multibillion-dollar philanthropic organization in the United States.

Wallis Annenberg Hall
Wallis Annenberg Hall

Wallis Annenberg Hall is a $150 million building at the University of Southern California, dedicated to "media education, communication and production." Dean Ernest Wilson has stated that the new building for the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is intended to facilitate collaboration between students and faculty, as part of a larger initiative to reform and modernize within the school.