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i dont play onmyoji but that whole thing w asura + taishakuten couldve been solved if they just kissed or smthin

あー、朝から死ぬかと思った!!! 高速走ってたら横の車がバーストして クルクル回転しながら自分の車に ドーン!!!💥💥 残念ながら私は無傷です。 まだまだだな 心臓が痛い…w

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Going live in 15 minutes with part 5 of BOTW! hang out w me @ . #SupportSmallStreamers #twitch #streamer #gamergirl #gamer #twitchaffiliate #streamergirl #tloz #botw #link #zelda #SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamerCommunity #twitchstreaming #gamers

2v2 CMG Elite (Semis) w/@M7KASA_ vs. Yumeko & Yaazah

// i rly want to use this account rp and make relationships w avar so please let me know if you ever want to rp or plot! im always up for it

😔 Pedimos desculpas na ausência da W, mas não nos esquecemos, vamos voltar 🙌🏽 Mas enquanto isso, hoje • Seattle Storm 89 x 66 Connecticut Sun • Washington Mystics 78 x 101 Atlanta Dream • Dallas Wings x Las Vegas Aces • New York Liberty x Phoenix Mercury #CountIt

Rokole added a bet 'Las Vegas Aces (W) - Dallas Wings (W)' with odds and prediction 1.80 for Over, stake - 10/10

New York Liberty vs Phoenix Mercury Prediction, 6/13/2021 #WNBAPick w/ @IndianCowboyPix  

@Sunday #basketball

New York Liberty vs Phoenix Mercury Prediction, 6/13/2021 #WNBAPick w/ @IndianCowboyPix @Sunday #basketball

Team, Place & City Details

PFC Beroe Stara Zagora
PFC Beroe Stara Zagora

Beroe is a Bulgarian professional association football club based in Stara Zagora, that competes in the First League, the top division of the Bulgarian football league system. The club was founded in 1916 under the name Vereya.

FK Budućnost Banovići

Fudbalski klub Budućnost Banovići is a professional association football club from the town of Banovići that is situated in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Bosnian Budućnost means "Future", which symbolizes the hope people had for the times to come when the club was founded in 1947.

FK Budućnost Podgorica

Fudbalski Klub Budućnost Podgorica is a football club from Podgorica, Montenegro, currently competing in the Montenegrin First League. Its colours are blue and white.

FK Budućnost Banatski Dvor

FK Budućnost Banatski Dvor is a defunct football club based in Banatski Dvor, Vojvodina, Serbia. They competed in the First League of Serbia and Montenegro on two separate occasions (2003–04 and 2005–06).

OK Budućnost Podgorica

OK Budućnost Podgorica, also known by the sponsorship name of Budućnost Podgorička banka, is a volleyball club from Podgorica, Montenegro. It is considered the most successful volleyball club from Montenegro.

FC Besa Pejë

FC Besa Pejë , commonly known as Besa Pejë, is a football club based in Peć, Kosovo. Their home ground is Shahin Haxhiislami and they compete in the First Football League of Kosovo.

FK Budućnost Krušik 2014

FK Budućnost is a football club based in Valjevo, Serbia.

FK Budućnost Dobanovci

FK Budućnost Dobanovci is a professional football club based in Dobanovci, a municipality of Surčin, Belgrade, Serbia. They currently compete in the Serbian First League, the second level of the national league system.


In ancient times, the Bereans were the inhabitants of the city of Berea, also known in the Bible as Beroea, now known as Veria in what is today Greek Macedonia, northern Greece. The name has been taken up by certain Protestant groups.

Berowra, New South Wales
Berowra, New South Wales

Berowra is an outer suburb of Northern Sydney located in the state of New South Wales, Australia 38 kilometres north of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Hornsby Shire. Berowra is south-east of the suburbs of Berowra Heights and east of Berowra Waters.

Beroe Hill
Beroe Hill

Beroe Hill is a hill of 400 m in the southwest extremity of Gleaner Heights, Livingston Island, West Antarctica. It is surmounting Perunika Glacier to the south and Saedinenie Snowfield to the northwest.

Mertensia ovum
Mertensia ovum

Mertensia ovum, also known as the Arctic comb jelly or sea nut, is a cydippid comb jelly or ctenophore first described as Beroe ovum by Johan Christian Fabricius in 1780. Unusually among ctenophores, which normally prefer warmer waters, it is found in the Arctic and adjacent polar seas, mostly in surface waters down to 50 metres .In addition to being weakly bioluminescent in blues and greens, comb jellies produce a rainbow effect similar to that seen on an oil slick, and which is caused by interference of incident light on the eight rows of moving cilia or comb rows which propel the organism.

Beroe (mythology)

Beroe in Greek mythology is a nymph of Beirut, the daughter of Aphrodite and Adonis, and sister of Golgos. She was wooed by both Dionysus and Poseidon, eventually marrying Poseidon.At the birth of Beroe, Hermes acted as the midwife and assisted in the delivery of Beroe then the Virgin Astraia (lady of justice) took the infant Beroe and fed her with the wise breast and told her words of law, feeding her honey and washing her with sacred water.