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NK Jedinstvo Bihać

Nogometni klub Jedinstvo Bihać is a professional association football club based in the city of Bihać that is situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first football club in Bihać was founded around 1919 or 1920, with the exact date being unknown due to a non-payment of a membership fee to the football association.

FK Zemun

Fudbalski klub Zemun is a Serbian professional football club based in Zemun, Belgrade, that competes in the Serbian First League.

FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje

Fudbalski klub Jedinstvo is football club from Bijelo Polje, Montenegro, currently competing in the Montenegrin Second League. The club was established in 1922.

FK Jedinstvo Brčko

Fudbalski klub Jedinstvo Brčko is a professional association football club from the city of Brčko that is situated in the Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club competes in the First League of the Republika Srpska, a second-tier competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FK Jedinstvo Paraćin

FK Jedinstvo Paracin is a football club based in Paraćin, Serbia.

FK Jedinstvo Ub

FK Jedinstvo is a football club based in Ub, Serbia.

FK Jedinstvo Užice

Fudbalski klub Jedinstvo Putevi is a football club based in Užice, Serbia.

FK Jedinstvo Mali Zvornik
FK Jedinstvo Mali Zvornik

FK Jedinstvo is a Serbian football club based in Mali Zvornik, Serbia and it is competing in Inter-municipal League Jadar, the 6th tier in Serbian football pyramid. The most successful period Jedinstvo had in '80s of previous century when they participated in 4th tier of competition on Republical level in Yugoslavian football system.

ŽKK Jedinstvo Tuzla

Ženski košarkaški klub Jedinstvo Piemonte is a women's basketball club from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The club won three Yugoslav Women's Basketball League championships during the 1980s, as Jedinstvo Aida.

SK Jedinstvo Beograd

SK Jedinstvo Beograd was a Serbian football club based in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Jedinstvo was formed on May 11, 1924 by the merger of two Belgrade clubs, Vardar and Konkordija, both of which competed in Belgrade Subassociation League until that year.

FK Jedinstvo Surčin

Fudbalski klub Jedinstvo Surčin is a football club from Surčin, Serbia. They currently compete in the Serbian League Belgrade, the third tier of the national league system.

FK Kom

FK Kom is a Montenegrin football club based in Zlatica, a suburb of Podgorica. Founded in 1958, they currently compete in the Montenegrin First League.

FK Jedinstvo

FK Jedinstvo or NK Jedinstvo may refer to a number of association football clubs based in the former Yugoslavia. "Jedinstvo" is the Serbo-Croatian word for "unity", while FK and NK are two variants of the Serbo-Croatian abbreviation for "FC", standing for "football club" (i.e.