A brief glimpse into the past

I want a camera to be on Orbán’s face for the entirety of France vs. Hungary, I want to see the life drain from his face after every goal.

I’ve tuned into @BBCMOTD live for Hungary v France and it’s extensive forensic analysis of England’s failings last night, with a token Scot, McFadden, giving his view on the game. There really is no excuse for this during a tournament that features Scotland, Wales and England.

there’s the match France - Hungary in twenty minutes, i am more than ready

Hungary v France Portugal v Germany Spain v Poland That’s what I call a day full of good football, we love to see it 😍⚽️🍻

I know it’s been said on here already but Christ the bbc and itv pundits only talk about England, I kind of understood it for the build up to the Scotland game but the games done and the entire France Hungary build up has been England

Today’s first Euro Sweepstake match: 2pm: Hungary v France - @DoritSamantha v @hannahbjm

Hey @whatsabex10 tonight it’s France-Hungary in my tv 😅 May the best man win!! Also #SaveMacGyver

I’m sure it’s France Hungary playing this afternoon not England Scotland again 😴😴😴😴