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Team, Place & City Details

Bækkelagets SK

Bækkelagets Sportsklub is a Norwegian sports club from Bekkelaget in southern Oslo, founded in 1909. The club has sections for skiing , orienteering, handball, football, floorball and track and field athletics, previously also bandy.

Sandefjord TIF

Sandefjord Turn- og Idrettsforening is a sports club in Sandefjord, Norway. The club has activities in basketball, handball, orienteering, athletics, skiing, volleyball, gymnastics and children's allsports.


Bekkelaget is an area in the borough Nordstrand in Oslo, Norway. Until 2004 it was, together with adjacent Ekeberg, a part of the borough Ekeberg-Bekkelaget.

Bekkelaget, Norway

Bekkelaget is a village in Stange municipality, Innlandet county, Norway. It is a part of the urban area Hamar, which stretches into Stange.


Ottestad is a village in the county of Innlandet, Norway. It is located in the municipality of Stange, and is adjacent to Hamar.

Bekkelaget Church
Bekkelaget Church

Bekkelaget Church is a long church located in Bekkelaget in Nordstrand, a district of Oslo, Norway. The church is built of stone and can accommodate 370 or 420 people.

Bekkelaget station
Bekkelaget station

Bekkelaget Station was a railway station on the Østfold Line. It was located at Nedre Bekkelaget in the Nordstrand borough of Oslo, Norway.

Bekkelaget Tunnel
Bekkelaget Tunnel

The Bekkelaget Tunnel is a 578-meter (1,896 ft) long railway tunnel which carries two tracks of the Østfold Line past Bekkelaget in Oslo, Norway. Construction started 14 April 1955, after a landslide on 3 October 1953 had caused damage to the railway.