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Nu ska det avgöras! @SyrianskaFC tar sig till division 1-kval vid seger hemma mot Nosaby IF. Vi sänder matchen, som startar 14.00. Missa inte det!

Матч Хасслехольм ИФ(Hassleholms IF) - Носабю (Nosaby)Футбол. Швеция. 3-й дивизион. Восточный Геталанд

Atena84 added a bet 'Hassleholms IF - Nosaby IF' with odds and prediction 1.53 for Over, stake - 10/10

Hassleholms IF vs Nosaby IF at 18:00 : Most Goals in Second Half rating: 1.5 Star

Lukador added a bet 'Nosaby IF - Rappe GOIF' with odds and prediction 2.16 for Over, stake - 10/10

Team, Place & City Details

Sölvesborgs GoIF

Sölvesborgs GoIF is a Swedish football club located in Sölvesborg in Blekinge.

Nosaby IF

Nosaby IF is a Swedish football club located in Nosaby in Kristianstad, Skåne County.

Sölvesborg Municipality
Sölvesborg Municipality

Sölvesborg Municipality is a municipality in Blekinge County in South Sweden in southern Sweden. It borders to Bromölla Municipality, Olofström Municipality and Karlshamn Municipality.


Sölvesborg is a locality and the seat of Sölvesborg Municipality in Blekinge County, Sweden with 10,024 inhabitants in 2013.Sölvesborg is, despite its small population, for historical reasons normally still referred to as a city. Statistics Sweden, however, only counts localities with more than 10,000 inhabitants as cities.

Sölvesborg Party

The Sölvesborg Party a local political party in Sölvesborg, Sweden. Formed ahead of the 2002 election by a group of former Green Party members.

Sölvesborg medium wave transmitter
Sölvesborg medium wave transmitter

The Sölvesborg mediumwave transmitter is a radio station at Björkenabben on the peninsula Listerlandet, inaugurated 30 May 1985. The station most recently transmitted on 1179 kHz, used by Radio Sweden International (until October 30, 2010), and is owned by Teracom.

Sölvesborgs län

The administrative region of Sölvesborgs län, with the town of Sölvesborg as the capital, was formed in the late 14th century and lasted until the Danish king Christian IV decided on a new town - Kristianstad after the burning of the old town Vä.

Sölvesborg bridge
Sölvesborg bridge

The Sölvesborg Bridge is a 760 meter long walk- and biking bridge over the Sölvesborg Bay Area in Blekinge. The bridge is the longest walk- and biking bridge in Europe and was ready for opening towards the end of 2012.