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IFK Uddevalla   Torslanda IK
IFK Uddevalla Torslanda IK

Andra halvlek Uddevalla - Torslanda IK på Kamratgården 20190816.

Team, Place & City Details

Hisingsbacka FC

Hisingsbacka FC is a Swedish football club located in Backa in Hisingen, Gothenburg.

Torslanda IK

Torslanda IK is a local sports club in Torslanda, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Torslandavallen is a football stadium in Torslanda, Sweden and the home stadium for the football team Torslanda IK. Torslandavallen has a total capacity of 1,500 spectators.


Torslanda is an urban district situated in Gothenburg Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. It had 10,129 inhabitants in 2005.


The Torslanda Works , is one of the largest production facilities of Volvo Cars and is located in Torslanda on the island of Hisingen, about 12 km north west of Gothenburg city centre. The plant turned 50 on April 24, 2014.

Torslanda Airport

Torslanda Airport — served the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, as its main airport from 1923 to 1977, when the Göteborg Landvetter Airport was opened. The airport closed soon afterwards.

Torslanda Church
Torslanda Church

The Torslanda Church is a medieval church in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is located on the island of Hisingen, in the Torslanda borough, and it belongs to the parish of Torslanda-Björlanda in the Diocese of Gothenburg.

Torslunda plates
Torslunda plates

The Torslunda plates are four cast bronze dies found in the Torslunda parish on the Swedish island Öland. They display figures in relief, representing what are presumed to be traditional scenes from Germanic mythology.