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Piłkarki AZS-u Wrocław postraszyły wicemistrzynie Polski
Piłkarki AZS-u Wrocław postraszyły wicemistrzynie Polski

Zawodniczki z Wrocławiu przegrały jednak na własnym boisku z Medykiem Konin 1:2.

Mecz 10 kolejki Ekstraligi Kobiet  AZS Wrocław vs. Medyk Konin  1:2
Mecz 10 kolejki Ekstraligi Kobiet AZS Wrocław vs. Medyk Konin 1:2

Zobacz na ŻYWO mecz 10 kolejki Ekstraligi Kobiet AZS Wrocław vs.Medyk Konin START 24/10/18 godz. 14:55 Subskrybuj nasz kanał ...

Team, Place & City Details

KŚ AZS Wrocław

KŚ AZS Wrocław is a Polish women's football club from Wrocław. AZS Wrocław was founded in 1997 from the women's section of AZS-AWF Wrocław.

Polonia Warsaw

Polonia Warsaw , founded in 1911, is the oldest existing Warsaw sports club, with football, basketball, track and field and swimming teams.

Polonia Warszawa (basketball)

MKS Polonia Warsaw is a Polish basketball team, based in Warsaw, playing in the II Liga, the Polish third division.

Polonia Bytom
Polonia Bytom

Polonia Bytom is a Polish football club founded on 4 January 1920 in the Upper Silesian city of Bytom, during the hectic months of the Silesian Uprisings. In late 1922, however, as a result of the Upper Silesia plebiscite, Bytom became part of Germany and the club ceased to exist.

KS Polonia Vilnius

Klub Sportowy Polonia was a football club based in Vilnius, Lithuania. KS Polonia was formed on 18 March 1990 by Poles from Vilnius.

Polonia Technica

Polonia Technica, Inc., also known as Association of Polish-American Engineers is a non-profit organization, established in 1941 in New York City, by a group of Polish engineers, who, after the outbreak of the World War II, found themselves in the United States of America. The organization serves as a professional and social link for Polish engineers and technicians living in the United States.Referenced by Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York, it is also related to Polish Assistance Inc.

Polonia Bydgoszcz

Polonia Bydgoszcz is a Polish sports club based in Bydgoszcz most known for its speedway team ŻKS Polonia Bydgoszcz which currently race in the 2. Liga .

Polonia (Elgar)

Polonia is a symphonic prelude by the English composer Edward Elgar written in 1915 as his Op. 76.

Polonia brothers

Mark Polonia and John Polonia are twin brothers who founded Polonia Bros. Entertainment and Cinegraphic Productions.

Polonia, Wisconsin
Polonia, Wisconsin

Polonia is an unincorporated census-designated place in the town of Sharon, Portage County, Wisconsin, United States. It is located on Wisconsin Highway 66 two miles east of Ellis and about 8 miles southwest of Rosholt.

Polonia (Wagner)
Polonia (Wagner)

Polonia is a concert overture written by Richard Wagner. Wagner completed Polonia in 1836, although it has been suggested that it may have been drafted as early as 1832.Wagner states that Polonia resulted from a "dreamlike evening" in Leipzig when he heard uninterrupted Polish songs at a celebration of May 3rd Constitution Day in 1832.