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Topptipset med Filip Brodd! ✅ Tips, analys & förslag

Europatipset med Filip Brodd! 💰 6 miljoner jackpot ✅ Tips, analys & förslag

Topptipset med Filip Brodd ✅ Tips, analys & förslag

Topptipset med Filip Brodd! ✅ Tips, analys & förslag

Team, Place & City Details

Vindbjart FK

Vindbjart Fotballklubb is a football club situated in Vennesla, Norway. They play in the 3.

Broddi Kristjansson

Broddi Kristjansson is a retired male badminton player from Iceland.

IL Brodd

Idrettslaget Brodd is a Norwegian sports club from Stavanger. It has sections for football, handball, badminton and floorball.


Brodd is a Swedish surname.

Elizabeth Brodden

Elizabeth Brodden was Miss Sinaloa and "Señorita México" (Miss Mexico) in 1984 representing that country in Miss Universe the same year. The 20-year-old stood at 1.79 meters and was of Swedish descent.

Thomas Broddyll

Thomas Broddyll was an administrator of the English East India Company. He served as President of Bengal in the eighteenth century.

Broddenbjerg idol
Broddenbjerg idol

The Broddenbjerg idol is a wooden ithyphallic figure found in a bog at Broddenbjerg, near Viborg, Denmark and now in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. It is dated to approximately 535–520 BCE. The figure was discovered in a bog in spring 1880 by someone cutting peat.

Broadway theatre
Broadway theatre

Broadway theatre, also known simply as Broadway, refers to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theatres, each with 500 or more seats, located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Broadway and London's West End together represent the highest commercial level of live theater in the English-speaking world.

Broadcast syndication

Broadcasting syndication is leasing the exclusive right to broadcast television programs and radio programs by multiple television stations and radio stations, without going through a broadcast network. It is common in the United States where broadcast programming is scheduled by television networks with local independent affiliates.


Brod may refer to:

Brod, Dragaš
Brod, Dragaš

Brod is a village in south of Kosovo, in the region of Gora, in the municipality of Dragaš. It is part of the District of Prizren.