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SK Gjøvik-Lyn

SK Gjøvik-Lyn is a Norwegian football club based in Gjøvik, which was founded on 1 February 1902. Their home ground was Gjøvik Stadion.

Nybergsund IL-Trysil

Nybergsund IL-Trysil is a Norwegian football club located in Nybergsund in Trysil. It currently plays in the Norwegian Second Division, having been relegated from Adeccoligaen in 2011 after four seasons on the second tier.

Gjøvik Line
Gjøvik Line

The Gjøvik Line is a Norwegian railway line between Oslo and Gjøvik. It was originally named the North Line (Nordbanen) and ran between Grefsen and Røykenvik.


Nybergsund is a village in the municipality of Trysil in Hedmark, Norway with a population of 363. The village is best known for serving as a hiding place for the Norwegian royal family and Cabinet and sustaining German bombing during the German conquest of Norway.

Nybergsund Stadion

Nybergsund Stadion is an association football venue located in Trysil, Norway. It is the home ground of Nybergsund IL-Trysil in the First Division.

Reserve teams in Norwegian football

Reserve teams in Norwegian association football play in the ordinary league system. They are always attached to their first teams with a "2" suffix, must play in a lower league than the first team, and cannot play in the Premier League or First Division.