Team, Place & City Details

Malmslätts AIK

Malmslätts AIK is a Swedish football club located in Linköping.

Bergnäsets AIK

Bergnäsets AIK is a Swedish football club located in Luleå in Norrbotten County. Their home colours are green and black, and when they play away, they wear red.

Athinaikos F.C.

Athinaikos, officially known as Athinaikos AS FC , the Athenaic Athletic Association, is a Greek association football club based in the city of Athens, Greece. The club is also referred to, unofficially, as Athinaikos Vyronas after the Athens suburb in which the team is based.

Athinaikos women's basketball

Athinaikos women's basketball is the women's professional basketball team of the Athens-based multi-sports club Athinaikos, that was founded in 1917. The team competes in the Greek Women's Basketball League.

Athinaikos H.C.

Athinaikos H.C. is a Greek handball club based in Vyronas, Athens. The club is the handball section of Greek multisport club of Athinaikos.

Panathinaikos women's basketball

Panathinaikos AC Women's Basketball is the women's basketball department of the major Greek multi-sport club Panathinaikos A.O.. The club is based in Athens, Greece.

Panathinaikos women's volleyball

Panathinaikos AC Women's Volleyball Team is a Greek volleyball team, part of the major Athens-based multi-sport club Panathinaikos A.O.. The department was founded in 1969 and is the most successful women's volleyball team in Greece, in terms of Greek Championships won.

Panathinaikos Water Polo Club

Panathinaikos AC Water Polo, founded in 1930, is the water polo department of Panathinaikos A.C., the Athens-based Greek multi-sport club. Despite its early establishment it doesn't have any particular honours so far.

Panathinaikos F.C.

Panathinaikos Football Club ), known as Panathinaikos, or by its full name, and the name of its parent sports club, Panathinaikos A.O. or PAO (Παναθηναϊκός Αθλητικός Όμιλος; Panathinaïkós Athlitikós Ómilos, "All-Athenian Athletic Club"), is a Greek professional football club based in the capital-city of Athens, Greece. The name "Panathinaikos" was inspired by the ancient work of Isocrates, Panathenaicus, where the orator praises the Athenians for their democratic education and their military superiority, used for the benefit of all Greeks.Today a part of Panathinaikos A.O., they are the oldest active football club in Greece, initially founded only to practice this sport.