O. Ljubljana Vs. Zrinjski | Live Stream
O. Ljubljana Vs. Zrinjski | Live Stream

O. Ljubljana V Zrinjski O. Ljubljana - Zrinjski NK Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia) Vs. Zrinjski Mostar (Bosnia And Herzegovina) UEFA Europa League - Second ...

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Team, Place & City Details

Zrinjski Mostar

Zrinjski Mostar is a sports association from the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was formed in 1905.

Zrinski family
Zrinski family

Zrinski was a Croatian-Hungarian noble family, a branch of the Croatian noble tribe of Šubić, influential during the period in history marked by the Ottoman wars in Europe in the Kingdom of Croatia's union with the Kingdom of Hungary and in the later Kingdom of Croatia as a part Habsburg Monarchy. Notable members of this family were Bans of Croatia, considered national heroes in both Croatia and Hungary, and were particularly celebrated during the period of Romanticism, a movement which was called Zrinijada in Croatia.

Zrinski Topolovac
Zrinski Topolovac

Zrinski Topolovac is a village and municipality in Bjelovar-Bilogora County, Croatia. There are 890 inhabitants, of whom 99.89% are Croats.

Magnate conspiracy

The Magnate conspiracy, also known as the Zrinski-Frankopan Conspiracy in Croatia, and Wesselényi conspiracy (Hungarian: Wesselényi-összeesküvés) in Hungary, was a 17th-century attempt to throw off Habsburg and other foreign influences over Hungary and Croatia. The attempted coup was caused by the unpopular Peace of Vasvár, struck in 1664 between Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and the Ottoman Empire.

Zrinski Park
Zrinski Park

Zrinski Park is situated in downtown Čakovec, northern Croatia, close to the central square. The area had been a part of the city fortification since the 13th century.

Zrinski family tree

This is the family tree of the Princes of Zrin, a Croatian noble family, from 1347 to 1703.

Zrinski Bridge

The Zrinski Bridge or Zrínyi Bridge connects the Croatian A4 and the Hungarian M7 motorways, spanning the Mura River. As it also spans Hungarian–Croatian border, a joint border checkpoint is located north of the bridge.

Zrinski College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management

Education group "Zrinski" is a unique organisation consisting of:

Zrinski Topolovac shooting

The Zrinski Topolovac shooting was a mass shooting that occurred in Zrinski Topolovac, Croatia on 1 January 1993, when 28-year-old soldier Vinko Palić killed nine people and wounded at least five others at a New Year's party, before committing suicide.

Zrinski Battalion

The Zrinski Battalion was a special forces unit of the Croatian National Guard (Zbor narodne garde – ZNG) and later of the Croatian Army (Hrvatska vojska – HV) established in Kumrovec on 18 May 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence. The unit drew personnel from the special police forces and a former French Foreign Legion troops serving as its core.