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Synemon plana
Synemon plana

Synemon plana, commonly known as the golden sun moth, is a diurnal moth native to Australia.


The SPLA-Nasir was a splinter faction of the Sudan People's Liberation Army , a rebel group that fought in the Second Sudanese Civil War. Originally created as an attempt by the Nuer tribe to replace SPLA leader John Garang in August 1991, it gradually became coopted by the government.

Skylan Airways

Skylan Airways was a Jamaican airline that offered both scheduled and charter services. The airline was based at the Norman Manley International Airport.Skylan Airways flights in Kingston arrived and departed from the Norman Manley International Airport, General Aviation Centre.

St-planar graph

In graph theory, an st-planar graph is a bipolar orientation of a plane graph for which both the source and the sink of the orientation are on the outer face of the graph. That is, it is a directed graph drawn without crossings in the plane, in such a way that there are no directed cycles in the graph, exactly one graph vertex has no incoming edges, exactly one graph vertex has no outgoing edges, and these two special vertices both lie on the outer face of the graph.Within the drawing, each face of the graph must have the same structure: there is one vertex that acts as the source of the face, one vertex that acts as the sink of the face, and all edges within the face are directed along two paths from the source to the sink.

SK Planet

SK Planet Co., Ltd. , a subsidiary of SK Telecom, was established on and is an internet platform development company located in Pangyo, South Korea’s silicon valley with operations in 8 countries.