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KF Vllaznia Shkodër
KF Vllaznia Shkodër

Klubi i futbollit Vllaznia Shkodër is an Albanian football club based in the city of Shkodër. Their home ground is the Loro-Boriçi Stadium, name after former Vllaznia Shkodër footballer Loro Boriçi, and they currently compete in the Albanian Superliga.

KB Prishtina

Klubi i Basketbollit Prishtina , officially known as Sigal Prishtina due to sponsorship reasons, is a Kosovar professional basketball club based in Pristina. The team currently competes in the IP Superliga e Basketbollit, Balkan International Basketball League (BIBL) and the FIBA Europe Cup.


Bashkimi may refer to:

Bashkimi Prizren

Bashkimi, or K.B. Bashkimi is a basketball club created in 1945, in Prizren, Kosovo. In the 2014-15 season Bashkimi competed in Kosovo's first division ETC Superliga.

Bashkimi (Democratic Front newspaper)

Bashkimi is a newspaper published in Albania. Its name is derived from the Albanian word for "unity".

Bashkimi (PPSHR newspaper)

Bashkimi is a journal published in Albania. It is the organ of the Reorganised Party of Labour of Albania .

Liberal Democratic Union (Albania)

The Liberal Democratic Union is a political party in Albania. In the 2001 elections it was part of the Union for Victory (Bashkimi për Fitoren) coalition which received 37.1% of the vote and 46 members of parliament.

Union for Victory Coalition

The Union for Victory Coalition was a coalition of political parties in Albania. The spokesman was Gent Strazimiri.

Labour Youth Union of Albania
Labour Youth Union of Albania

The Labour Youth Union of Albania was the youth organization of the Party of Labour of Albania. Founded on November 23, 1941 as the Communist Youth it was officially described as the "greatest revolutionary force of inexhaustible strength" and a "strong fighting reserve of the party" it was a key organization for political socialization in socialist Albania.


Bashkim is a masculine given name, which means "unity" in Albanian.

Unification for Changes

Unification for Changes was a coalition in the Albanian parliamentary elections of 2009.