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Svetozar Mijin

Svetozar Mijin is a Serbian retired footballer who played as a defensive midfielder.

Svecoman movement

The Svecoman movement was a Suecophile or pro-Swedish nationalist movement that arose in the Grand Duchy of Finland at the end of the 19th century chiefly as a reaction to the demands for increased use of Finnish vigorously presented by the Fennoman movement. The Fennoman nationalist movement had demanded that Swedish be replaced by Finnish in public administration, courts, and schools.


Švec is a Czech surname (related to shoe making), it may refer to:

Svecofennian orogeny
Svecofennian orogeny

The Svecofennian orogeny is a series of related orogenies that resulted in the formation of much of the continental crust in what is today Sweden and Finland plus some minor parts of Russia. The orogenies lasted from about 2000 to 1800 million years ago during the Paleoproterozoic Era.