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Shcherbakov or Scherbakov , feminine: Shcherbakova or Scherbakova (Щербако́ва), is a Russian surname. It may refer to: Albert Shcherbakov (born 1976), Russian footballer Aleksandr Shcherbakov (born 1998), Russian footballer Aleksandr Shcherbakov (1925–2013), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Shcherbakov (1901–1945), Soviet statesman and politician Anna Shcherbakova (born 2004), Russian figure skater Boris Shcherbakov (born 1949), Russian actor Denis Scherbakov (born 1978), Belarusian football referee Denys Shcherbakov (born 1988), Ukrainian orienteer Konstantin Scherbakov (born 1963), Russian pianist Konstantin Shcherbakov (born 1997), Russian footballer Leonid Shcherbakov (born 1927), Soviet athlete Mikhail Shcherbakov (born 1963), Russian singer-songwriter Oleg Shcherbakov (born 1966), Russian footballer Pyotr Shcherbakov (1929–1992), Soviet actor Ruslan Shcherbakov (born 1969), Russian chess player Sergei Scherbakov (1918–1994), Russian boxer Sergey Shcherbakov (1962–1988), Soviet serial killer Serhiy Scherbakov (born 1971), Ukrainian footballer Svetlana Shcherbakova (born 1988), Russian weightlifter Vadim Shcherbakov (fl.

Shcherbakov Shche-2
Shcherbakov Shche-2

The Shcherbakov Shche-2 , also known as the TS-1 and nicknamed "Pike", was a twin-engined utility aircraft manufactured in the Soviet Union, designed by Alexei Shcherbakov for construction by OKB-47, to meet an urgent requirement for a light transport and liaison aircraft for operation by the Soviet Air Force during the Second World War. Proving to be successful, it remained in service for a number of years post-war in both civilian and military roles in the Soviet Union, and with the air forces of several allied nations.


Sher-bakar is a two-player abstract strategy board game from Punjab, India. It is a hunt game.