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GOOOOL ⚽🇦🇷 La Albiceleste se adelante en el marcador por medio de G. Rodríguez al Min 13'⏱️ Argentina 🇦🇷 1 Uruguay 🇺🇾0 #Canal11hn #CopaAméricaC11

Henry l added a bet 'Los Angeles Clippers - Utah Jazz' with odds and prediction 1.43 for Under, stake - 10/10

Henry l added a bet 'Los Angeles Clippers - Utah Jazz' with odds and prediction 1.75 for Utah Jazz, stake - 10/10

Henry l added a bet 'San Diego Padres - Cincinnati Reds' with odds and prediction 1.50 for Under, stake - 10/10

Henry l added a bet 'San Diego Padres - Cincinnati Reds' with odds and prediction 1.50 for San Diego Padres, stake - 10/10

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¡Los 11 de #Uruguay 🇺🇾 ante Argentina 🇦🇷! Muslera; G. González, JM. Giménez, Godín, Viña; Torreira, Valverde, Bentancur, De la Cruz; Suárez, Cavani. #CopaAmerica.

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Radamel Falcao
Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao García Zárate is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Süper Lig club Galatasaray and the Colombia national team. He is sometimes nicknamed "El Tigre" (Spanish for The Tiger) or "King of the Europa League".

Falcão (futsal player)
Falcão (futsal player)

Alessandro Rosa Vieira , known as Falcão, is a Brazilian retired professional futsal player. He is known for his flashy and potent dribbling skills and a powerful and accurate left foot.

Paulo Roberto Falcão

Paulo Roberto Falcão, or simply Falcão , is a Brazilian former footballer and football manager. He is widely considered one of the best players in Internacional and Roma history playing also for São Paulo, and he is universally considered one of the greatest Brazilian players of all time, especially at his peak in the 1980s.


Falcons () are birds of prey in the genus Falco, which includes about 40 species. Falcons are widely distributed on all continents of the world except Antarctica, though closely-related raptors did occur there in the Eocene.Adult falcons have thin, tapered wings, which enable them to fly at high speed and change direction rapidly.

List of Attack on Titan characters

The Attack on Titan manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hajime Isayama. The story is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls; a defense against the Titans, gigantic humanoids that eat humans seemingly without reason.


Falcao or Falcão is a Portuguese surname meaning "falcon".

Power Instinct

Power Instinct, released in Japan as Gōketsuji Ichizoku , is a fighting video game series created by Atlus. The series is known for its absurdist humor.

Falcão – Meninos do Tráfico

Falcão – Meninos do Tráfico is a Brazilian documentary television film directed by rapper MV Bill and Celso Athayde, and associate produced by Central Única das Favelas, about the life of young favela dwellers who work with drug trafficking.The documentary was recorded between 1998 and 2006, when the producers visited various poor communities in Brazil. During the recordings the two producers had to face the hostile environment where the boys lived.


Falcogona is a genus of moths of the family Endromidae. It contains only one species, Falcogona gryphea, which is found in Vietnam.

Falcão (singer)
Falcão (singer)

Marcondes Falcão Maia , better known by his stage name Falcão, is a singer-songwriter, television presenter, and humorist. Recording on brega and comedy rock genres, Falcão has already released nine studio albums, and popular songs "I'm Not Dog No", "Black People Car", "Holiday Foi Muito", "Homem é Homem" and "I Love You Tonight." Usually labeled as "irreverent" by the media, Falcão's albums has sold over one million copies as of 2014.

Richard Ojeda
Richard Ojeda

Richard Neece Ojeda II is an American politician and retired United States Army major who served in the West Virginia Senate representing the 7th district from 2016 until 2019. A Democrat, Ojeda ran a brief campaign for President of the United States in the 2020 election.

Ojeda, La Pampa

Ojeda is a village and rural locality in La Pampa Province in Argentina.