A brief glimpse into the past

i wish i didnt meet my current friend when i was going thru such a tpugh time cause i was annoying asf w my coping mechs & i mustve been hard to deal w

i binged asf Yerttt fast over life over

thinkinn ab when i lived in a crack hotel for 2 weeks in a room where a dude got shot 2 death (decprated w bullet holes asf) & my dad tried to get me taken awaybfrom my mom cause i didnt go willingly asf

the fact that echan, dkb's main rapper and dancer, listens to dramatic asf ballads in his free time,,,,

Oomfs talented asf 🥺💓

my pfp rlly do be cute asf

#FasoFoot 🇧🇫, 2e journée D1

⛳ Stade Wobi de Bobo-dioulasso 
⌚ 15h30 le 25-09-2020
🔵🔴 #AllezUSFA #AllezChaudron

#FasoFoot 🇧🇫, 2e journée D1 ✈️ VITESSE FC 🆚 USFA ⛳ Stade Wobi de Bobo-dioulasso ⌚ 15h30 le 25-09-2020 🔵🔴 #AllezUSFA #AllezChaudron

I’m hungry asf

stolen asf height: 149cm age: 14 shoe size: 1.5 (us) zodiac: leo tattoos : 0 piercings: ears & septum soon fav color: pink & black fav drink: monster or mango milk tea boba but i havent had it in 4ever

Team, Place & City Details


Kassoum Ouédraogo Zico Académie de Football or simply KOZAF is a Burkinabé football club based in Ouagadougou. The team currently plays in the Burkinabé Premier League and plays their home games at the Stade Municipal.

Kozak consensus sequence

The Kozak consensus sequence is a nucleic acid motif that functions as the protein translation initiation site in most eukaryotic mRNA transcripts. Regarded as the optimum sequence for initiating translation in eukaryotes, the sequence is an integral aspect of protein regulation and overall cellular health as well as having implications in human disease.


Kozani is a city in northern Greece, capital of Kozani regional unit and of West Macedonia region. It is located in the western part of Macedonia, in the northern part of the Aliakmonas river valley.

Kozai mechanism

In celestial mechanics, the Kozai mechanism or Lidov–Kozai mechanism or Kozai–Lidov mechanism, also known as the Kozai, Lidov–Kozai or Kozai–Lidov effect, oscillations, cycles or resonance, is a dynamical phenomenon affecting the orbit of a binary system perturbed by a distant third body under certain conditions, causing the orbit's argument of pericenter to oscillate about a constant value, which in turn leads to a periodic exchange between its eccentricity and inclination. The process occurs on timescales much longer than the orbital periods.

Kozan, Adana
Kozan, Adana

Kozan is a city in Adana Province, Turkey, 68 kilometres (42 miles) northeast of Adana, in the northern section of the Çukurova plain. The city is the capital of the ilçe (district) of Kozan.

Kozagawa, Wakayama
Kozagawa, Wakayama

Kozagawa is a town located in Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. As of October 2016, the town has an estimated population of 2,749, and a density of 9.3 persons per km².

Kozakai, Aichi
Kozakai, Aichi

Kozakai was a town located in Hoi District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. As of November 1, 2007, (the last census information available) the town had an estimated population of 22,708 and a population density of 2,188.31 persons per km².

Kozani (regional unit)
Kozani (regional unit)

Kozani is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of West Macedonia.


Kozarčanka is a World War II photograph that became iconic in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Shot by Yugoslav artistic photographer Žorž Skrigin in northern Bosnia during the winter of 1943–44, it shows a smiling female Partisan wearing a Titovka cap and with a rifle slung over her shoulder.

Goat (2015 film)

Goat is a 2015 Slovak drama film directed by Ivan Ostrochovský. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.