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Team, Place & City Details

Guernsey F.C.

Guernsey Football Club are a community football club located in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Priaulx League

The Priaulx League is the senior football league on the island of Guernsey, and is run by the Guernsey Football League Management LBG, . Although the league is affiliated with the English FA, it does not form a part of the English football league system.

Guernsey Football Association

The Guernsey Football Association, also simply known as the Guernsey FA or the GFA, is the body that co-ordinates and organises the sport of football in Guernsey. Although, as a Crown Dependency, Guernsey is not a part of the United Kingdom, the local FA is affiliated with the English FA, and acts as a County Football Association.

Guernsey FA Cup

The Guernsey FA Cup is the foremost football cup competition for teams playing on the island of Guernsey.


Guernésiais, also known as Dgèrnésiais, Guernsey French, and Guernsey Norman French, is the variety of the Norman language spoken in Guernsey. It is sometimes known on the island simply as "patois".

Guernsey (disambiguation)
Conyza sumatrensis
Conyza sumatrensis

Conyza sumatrensis is an annual herb probably native to South America, but widely naturalised in tropical and subtropical regions, and regarded as an invasive weed in many places. In the British Isles it is known as Guernsey fleabane.

Guernsey Financial Services Commission
Guernsey Financial Services Commission

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is the supervisory authority for financial services in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. They operate via a risk-based approach towards their supervision of licensees, following a program known as PRISM.Businesses regulated include: Banking Fiduciary Insurance Investment The International Stock ExchangeThere were 2,873 regulated entities in May 2017.

Guernsey Festival of Performing Arts

The Guernsey Festival was a pop music/rock music festival held at The Rabbit Warren in the parish of Saint Sampson, Guernsey. The first festival took place 2–3 July 2011.