A brief glimpse into the past

I følge NTB skulle to kamper vært spilt i norsk fotball i dag, fra 3. divisjon og opp: 3.div, avd.1-oppgjørene Kongsvinger 2 - Toten pluss Ull/Kisa 2 - Lillestrøm 2. @FKToten er nyopprykket fra 4. divisjon der de var helt overlegne i 2019 med 19-3-0 og 60 poeng! #altblirbra

Team, Place & City Details

Kongsvinger IL Toppfotball

Kongsvinger IL Toppfotball is a Norwegian football club from the town of Kongsvinger in Hedmark, founded in 1892. Its home ground is Gjemselund Stadion.

Norwegian reserve football teams

Norwegian reserve football teams compete at all levels of league football within the Norwegian football league system apart from the top two divisions, Eliteserien and 1. divisjon.

Kongsvinger Knights

Kongsvinger Knights is a Norwegian ice hockey team based in Kongsvinger, Norway. The senior teams play in 1.

Kongsvinger Ishall

Kongsvinger Ishall is an indoor ice hockey arena located in Kongsvinger, Innlandet, Norway. The 2,000 seat arena is the home of the Kongsvinger Knights ice hockey team.

Verdal IL

Verdal Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club from Verdalsøra, Nord-Trøndelag. It has sections for association football, team handball, weightlifting and speed skating.


Kongsvinger is a town and is a municipality in Innlandet county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Glåmdal.

Kongsvinger Line

The Kongsvinger Line is a railway line between the towns of Lillestrøm and Kongsvinger in Norway and onwards to Charlottenberg in Sweden. The railway was opened on 3 October 1862 and is Norway's second standard gauge line (after the Hoved Line).

Kongsvinger Fortress
Kongsvinger Fortress

Kongsvinger Fortress is located in the city and municipality of Kongsvinger in the county of Hedmark, Norway. It is situated on a hill west and north of the Glomma river, standing astride the ancient Vinger Royal Road, which connected Norway and Värmland, Sweden as well as on the north-south Norwegian route along the Glomma.

Kongsvinger Station
Kongsvinger Station

Kongsvinger Station is a railway station located in downtown Kongsvinger, Norway, on the Kongsvinger Line and Solør Line. The station was built in 1862 as part of the Kongsvinger Lin and designed in Swiss chalet style by Heinrich Ernst Schirmer and Wilhelm von Hanno.