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Ende #Eishockey Herren #Extraleague 4:3 #Lida vs PinskiyeYastreby 2:0 #Novopolotsk vs Baranachvichy 0:3 Vitebsk vs #Brest

(Sports Predictions on 09 Sep 2020, 7:00) soccer Czech Division E 2020-09-09 11:00:00 Tatran Všechovice – Hranice – Win: 2 (2.32) hockey Belarusian Extraleague 2020-09-09 12:00:00 Lida – Khimik-SKA Novopolotsk – Win: 2 (1.91) handball Hungarian Divisi…

6.9.2020 #Belarus Denis Kazakiewicz @Den_2042: "A number of rallies took place in cities and towns across #Belarus today. (..) People took to the streets in Gomel, Grodno, Vitebsk, Brest, Mogilev, Molodechno, Lida, Baranovichi, Polotsk, Novopolotsk"#Belarusprotests @nexta_tv

08/20/2020 Football⚽️: 🇺🇸MLS: Red Bulls O2,5(1,77)❌ Hockey🏒: 🇺🇸#ALLCAPS  ML(1,93)❌ 🇺🇸#Flames  O4,5(1,74)✅ 🇧🇾Zhlobin O5(2,00)✅ 🇧🇾Neman U4,5(1,91)❌ 🇧🇾Novopolotsk O5,5(2,11)❌ Baseball⚾️: 🇺🇸White Sox -1(1,8)✅ 🇺🇸Red Sox ML(1,8)✅ 🇺🇸Dodgers/Padres ML(2,07)✅ 5-4 +0,41u

08/20/2020 Football⚽️: 🇺🇸MLS: Red Bulls O2,5(1,77) Hockey🏒: 🇺🇸#ALLCAPS ML(1,93) 🇺🇸#Flames O4,5(1,74) 🇧🇾Zhlobin O5(2,00) 🇧🇾Neman Grodno U4,5(1,91) 🇧🇾Novopolotsk O5,5(2,11) Baseball⚾️: 🇺🇸White Sox -1(1,8) 🇺🇸Red Sox ML(1,8) 🇺🇸Dodgers/Padres ML(2,07) Have a good day!!!🍀

Baranavichy vs Vitebsk | BELARUS Belarusian Cup-live stream


Baranavichy vs Vitebsk | BELARUS Belarusian Cup-live stream LIVE HERE ➠➠➠

🔛 [LIVE] Hockey Belarus. Cup : Khimik Novopolotsk vs Brest ▶. Click The Link For Live Streaming ▶▶▶▶▶ :

Massive pro-democracy “March for Freedom” protests are organized in every single one of the 10 largest cities of #Belarus today: #Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Brest, Babruysk, Baranavichy, bBarysaw, Pinsk. #BelarusProtest #LukashenkoOut #ЛукашенкоУходи

Team, Place & City Details

Novopolotsk (bandy club)

Novopolotsk are a bandy club from Belarus who are among the best in the country with several of their players having represented the Belarusian national bandy team.


Novopolotsk ; Russian: Новополоцк, Novopolotsk, lit. New Polotsk, Polish: Nowopołock) is a city in Vitsebsk Province, Belarus, with a population (2008 estimate) of 107,458.

Novopolotsk State Musical College

Novopolotsk State Musical College is an undergraduate Belarusian music college established in 1968. Several graduates have gone on to have national and/or international musical career.,In 1997, the college opened a special department for the musical education of talented children, which provides an individual progress for each child.


Baranavichy ; Belarusian: Бара́навічы [baˈranavʲitʂɨ], Łacinka: Baranavičy, Baranavichy; Russian: Бара́новичи, Polish: Baranowicze, Lithuanian: Baranovičiai, Yiddish: באראנאוויטש‎, Baranovitsh) is a city in the Brest Region of western Belarus with a population (as of 1995) of 173,000. It is a significant railway junction and home to Baranavichy State University.

Baranavichy Voblast
Baranavichy Voblast

Baranavichy Oblast was a territorial unit in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic created after the annexation of West Belarus into the BSSR in November 1939. The administrative centre of the province was the city of Baranavichy.

Baranovichy District
Baranovichy District

Baranovichy District is a district of Brest Region, in Belarus.