A brief glimpse into the past

Eff root sports. For those who don’t get root. Here’s a link. #RCTID

Mark Cuban’s Life Lessons - #BusinessTips

9/28★ゲーム 買取させて頂きました!【Switch ドラゴンクエストXI 過ぎ去りし時を求めて S】

#기억나는트친 공사 홀로 블랙츄 살남트친 가옌 로루스 셋 치히 귀멸트친 꽃마녀레아 기묘 룬 1차곈가? J 퐘 액자 가방 자음 빠꾸 현 슈슝 유노 다솜 전 소코 카페모카 녹댕 조커봇 스페이드봇 융 깻잎 율무 김나쵸 리토 초아 괴조트친

And today I learned that it’s really easy to emulate ps1 games. So I’m just gonna do more of that.

Did you see this piece in @nytimes? "The scales of justice are sensitive and shifting. The only way to rightly balance them is with a steady, passionate eye and a judicious touch, and that’s where art itself comes in."

Vancouver Whitecaps "home" vs. Portland Timbers at Providence Park? "It’s 100 percent an…

Finished my Lysinette kinktober ficlet today! Here’s a little teaser of Annette and Lysithea having some fun with sensation play. NSFW, of course.

たらこおにぎり もぐもぐ( ^J^)″