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Lamia vs Ionikos | LIVE STREAM

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Φωτορεπορτάζ ΑΕ Νεάπολης-Εθνικός 1-1
Φωτορεπορτάζ ΑΕ Νεάπολης-Εθνικός 1-1

Γ΄Εθνική 24/3/2019 / 23η αγωνιστική 5ος Όμιλος / ΑΕ Νεάπολης-Εθνικός 1-1.

Φωτορεπορτάζ Εθνικός-ΑΠΟ Κερατσίνι 3-0
Φωτορεπορτάζ Εθνικός-ΑΠΟ Κερατσίνι 3-0

Γ΄Εθνική 2018/2019 / 22η αγωνιστική / Εθνικός-ΑΠΟ Κερατσίνι 3-0.

Εθνικός-ΑΕΕΚ ΣΥΝΚΑ 0-0
Εθνικός-ΑΕΕΚ ΣΥΝΚΑ 0-0

ΓΈθνική 21η αγωνιστική 09.03.2019 Εθνικός-ΑΕΕΚ ΣΥΝΚΑ 0-0.

Αμπελακιακός-Εθνικός 0-1
Αμπελακιακός-Εθνικός 0-1

Αμπελακιακός-Εθνικός 0-1 / Το γκόλ και οι δηλώσεις του σκόρερ του Εθνικού Martin Blanco.

Team, Place & City Details

Ethnikos Piraeus

Ethnikos Piraeus is a Greek multisport club based in Piraeus. It was founded in 1923.

Ethnikos Piraeus F.C.

Ethnikos Piraeus 1923 Football Club is a Greek football club based in Piraeus. The club was official formed in 1923 as Ethnikos Omilos Filathlon Piraeus Faliro (existed since 1922 unofficially), and played its first competitive match in 1923 for the Piraeus Football Clubs Association championship, where they eventually lost their first title competing for from A.P.S.P (Athlikos Podosferikos Somation Pireas).

Ethnikos Piraeus Water Polo Club

Ethnikos Piraeus Water Polo Club is the water polo team of Ethnikos Piraeus or Ethnikos OFPF . Ethnikos is one of the most successful water polo clubs in Greece.

Ethnikos Piraeus B.C.

Ethnikos Piraeus B.C. is the basketball department of the Greek multi-sport club of Ethnikos Piraeus or Ethnikos OFPF . It is based in Piraeus, which is located in the Athens urban area, and its home is the Panagiotis Salpeas Gymnasium.

Ethnikos Piraeus V.C.

Ethnikos Piraeus Volleyball Club is the volleyball department of the Greek multisport club of Ethnikos Piraeus, based in Piraeus. It is one of the oldest sport sections of the club with presence since 1920s.

Ionikos F.C.

Ionikos Football Club, also known as Ionikos Nikaias , is a professional football club based in Nikaia, Piraeus, Greece, currently competing in Football League 2, the Greek third division. From 1989 to 2007 Ionikos spent 16 out of 18 seasons in Greek Super League.

Ionikos Lamias B.C.

Ionikos Lamias B.C. is a Greek professional basketball club. The club is located in Lamia, Greece.

Ionikos N.F. B.C.

Ionikos N.F. B.C. is a Greek professional basketball club that is based in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb of Athens, Greece. The club's full name is Ionikos Neas Filadelfeias Basketball Club .

Ionikos Nikaias B.C.

Ionikos Nikaias B.C. is a Greek professional basketball club that is located in Nikaia, Piraeus, Athens. The club was founded in 1965.