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Alarm (commercial/industrial) [Toronto] Sterling Road b/w Dundas St West / Perth Avenue Dispatched: 24/09/20 @ 00:11 EDT [Stn: 426] Aerial-426 DistChief-34 Rescue-345 Rescue-423 Rescue-426 General Area:

Alarm (highrise Residential) [Etobicoke] Valhalla Inn Road b/w The East Mall / 427 C North Valhalla Inn Ramp Dispatched: 24/09/20 @ 00:08 EDT [Stn: 445] DistChief-44 Pumper-432 Pumper-445 Platform-432 Rescue-444 General Area:

Check Call [Toronto] Queen Street b/w Woodfield Road / Cam Fella Lane Dispatched: 23/09/20 @ 23:56 EDT [Stn: 326] Rescue-326 General Area:

Alarm Highrise (commercial Downtown) [Toronto] Bay Street b/w Front St West / Wellington St West Dispatched: 23/09/20 @ 23:39 EDT [Stn: 332] Aerial-325 DistChief-33 High-Rise-332 Pumper-332 Pumper-333 Pumper-334 General Area:

Check Call [Etobicoke] Bergamot Avenue b/w Rexdale Boulevard / Islington Avenue Dispatched: 23/09/20 @ 23:27 EDT [Stn: 415] Pumper-415 General Area:

Hazmat Level 2 [Toronto] Linnsmore Crescent b/w Lane North Danforth West Monarch Park / Strathmore Boulevard Dispatched: 23/09/20 @ 23:22 EDT [Stn: 323] DistChief-32 HazMat-332 Pumper-323 Pumper-324 General Area:

a-ah d-doc w-w-walang ganyanan😔👉👈

#AOTD43 a-ah d-doc w-w-walang ganyanan😔👉👈

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England national under-17 football team

The England national under-17 football team, also known as England under-17s or England U17, represents England in football at an under-17 age level and is controlled by the Football Association, the governing body for football in England.