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Tyresö FF (men)

Tyresö FF is a Swedish men's association football team in Tyresö, a municipality in Stockholm County. They are associated with the Tyresö FF women's team, which plays in the top tier of the Damallsvenskan.

Tyresö FF

Tyresö Fotbollsförening is a Swedish football club in Tyresö, a municipality in Stockholm County. The club was founded in 1971 and is primarily known for its main women's team, which competed in the top-tier league Damallsvenskan in the 2010–2014, 1993–1996 and 1999 seasons, winning the Swedish Championship in 2012.

Tyresö AFF Royal Crowns

Tyresö Royal Crowns is a Swedish sports club established in 1990 with American football as its only section. The club currently plays at Tyresövallen in the municipality of Tyresö in the southeastern part of the Stockholm metropolitan area.

Tyresö HF

Tyresö HF is a Swedish women's handball club from Tyresö established in 1990, currently competing in the second-tier Allsvenskan. In 1986 it reached the IHF Cup's semifinals, and between 1987 and 1989 it won three national championships in a row.

Linköping HC

Linköping Hockey Club, often known by its initials LHC, or colloquially among its fans as Cluben, is an ice hockey team based in Linköping, Sweden that plays in the Swedish Hockey League . Linköping's women's football team, Linköpings FC, is affiliated with and financially backed by Linköping HC. On October 3, 2008, the club announced that the elite men's and women's teams of local volleyball club Team Valla would also become affiliated with Linköping HC, under the name Linköpings Volleyboll Club.

Linköpings FC

Linköpings Fotboll Club is an association football club from Linköping, Sweden. The club was established in 2003 when Kenty DFF women's football club decided to merge with the premier division ice hockey club Linköpings HC under the new name Linköpings FC. The club's goal was both to establish women's football as a sport in Linköping and eventually become one of the top four teams.

Linköpings FF

Linköpings FF was the premier men's football team in Linköping, Sweden, playing in the Swedish second division. The club is a 1984 merger of BK Derby and IF Saab.

Linköpings ASS
Linköpings ASS

Linköpings Allmänna Simsällskap is one of the oldest Swedish swim teams, founded on 4 June 1824. It is one of the best-known Swedish swimming teams.

Linköpings Rugbyklubb

Linköpings Rugbyklubb is a Swedish rugby club in Linköping. They currently play in Mälardalsserien, the second level of rugby in Sweden.

Linköpings AIK

Linköpings AIK is a sports club in Linköping, Sweden, established on 22 October 1908. The club runs orienteering, earlier even bandy and soccer.

Linköpings SF

Linköpings SF Water Polo Team, also known as LSF, is a water polo club based in Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden. LSF was formed on 19 November 2009 after a split from the swimming club, LASS. LSF's colours are white, blue and orange.

Tyresö Municipality
Tyresö Municipality

Tyresö Municipality is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Most of Tyresö Municipality lies within the Stockholm urban area.

Tyresö Palace
Tyresö Palace

Tyresö Palace is a 17th-century palace in Tyresö, Stockholm County, Sweden, about 25 km south-east of central Stockholm. The construction of the palace began in the 1620s and completed in 1636 by the Lord High Steward (Swedish: riksdrots) Gabriel Oxenstierna.