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Francs Borains

Francs Borains is an amateur Belgian football club currently playing in the Belgian First Amateur Division.


Waremme is a Walloon municipality located in the province of Liège, in Belgium. The city is located on the River Geer (Dutch: Jeker), in the loessic Haspengouw region.

Arrondissement of Waremme
Arrondissement of Waremme

The Arrondissement of Waremme is one of the four administrative arrondissements in the Province of Liège, Belgium. Its size is 389.86 km2 (150.53 sq mi) and its population on 1 January 2015 was 78,851 people.

Waremme (Chamber of Representatives constituency)

Waremme was a constituency used to elect members of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives between 1831 and 1900.

Ragnarok Online
Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game created by Gravity based on the manhwa Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin. It was released in South Korea on 31 August 2002 for Microsoft Windows.

War emergency power

War Emergency Power is an American term for a throttle setting on some World War II military aircraft engines. For use in emergency situations, it produced more than 100% of the engine's normal rated power for a limited amount of time, often about five minutes.

War Emergency Programme destroyers

The War Emergency Programme destroyers were 112 destroyers built for the British Royal Navy during World War II. They were based on the hull and machinery of the earlier J-, K- and N-class destroyers. Due to supply problems and the persistent failure by the Royal Navy to develop a suitable dual-purpose weapon for destroyers, they were fitted with whatever armament was available.

War Emergency Radio Service

The War Emergency Radio Service was a precursor to the civil defense and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service systems in the United States. At the start of the Second World War the United States Congress had suspended all amateur radio activity throughout the country.

William Le Roy Emmet

William Le Roy Emmet was an electrical engineer who made major contributions to alternating current power systems including the design of large rotary converters.


Wazemmes is a former commune in the Nord department in northern France, merged into Lille in 1858.

In Search of the Lost Future

In Search of the Lost Future , subtitled À la recherche du futur perdu ("In search of the lost future" in French), sometimes abbreviated as Waremete (われめて), is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Trumple and released for Windows on November 26, 2010. The title is derived from In Search of Lost Time, a French novel written by Marcel Proust.