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Giorgos Masouras - Welcome to Olympiakos
Giorgos Masouras - Welcome to Olympiakos

Giorgos Masouras (Greek: Γιώργος Μασούρας; born 1 Jan 1994) is a Greek professional footballer who plays for Panionios. He started his professional career in ...

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Ilisiakos F.C.

Ilisiakos Football Club is an Athens-based football club that was founded in 1927 by Michalis Xydis, Lambropoulos, Evgenopoulos, Nikolaos Plessas, et al.. They played in Delta Ethiniki until 2003.

Ilysiakos B.C.

Ilysiakos B.C. is a Greek professional basketball team that is located in the Ilisia neighborhood of Zografou, Athens, Greece. The club's name is said to be a reference to Elysium, which is why the club's name and logo beings with a Greek alphabet Η, instead of an Ι, even though the name of Ilissia, where the club is based, begins with an Ι in Greek.