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#Nationals vs #Rockies: GameThread 148 of 162; #Nats vs #Rox; Corbin vs Freeland; 4:05 PM ET in D.C.:

#Nationals’ lineup for the 2nd of 3 with the #Rockies in D.C. + Davey Martinez on sticking with the same four at the top of his lineup...

Abdoulaye Sow révèle : « c’est une question d’argent qui devise les structures syndicales en Guinée »

Hakeme rağmen Antalya golü buldu. Bjk hakemle bile kazanamıyor. :D #ANTvBJK

J’ai aucune dignité je viens d’envoyer un message sur bubble à Chenle pour l’inviter à la soirée ce soir 🤣

#SousMarins Beaucoup de dignité et de sang-froid côté français. Le rappel des ambassadeurs est à applaudir 👏 Comment envisager une présence militaire dans l’Indo-Pacifique au profit d’ ‘alliés’ qui vous poignardent dans le dos ? Cc @EmmanuelMacron @florence_parly @JY_LeDrian

Kalau dh pegang title asst mgr, buat lah cara gitu, gaji asst mgr, tapi semua kerja lepas tgn, semua, grup kerja keluar, bahagi floor atas bawah, kau stay atas je, bwh g mam kata kau. Buat kerja store boy sbb nk tnjuk kau buat kerja smpi store boy kata dia x de keje nk wat. Bdoke

Team, Place & City Details

EC Granollers

Esport Club Granollers is a football team based in Granollers in the autonomous community of Catalonia. Founded in 1913, it plays in the Tercera División – Group 5.

Granollers Half Marathon

The Granollers Half Marathon is an annual road running competition over the half marathon distance (21.097 km) which takes place in February in the city of Granollers in Catalonia, Spain. The race is organised by the Col·lectiu d'Atletes de Fons group and was first held in 1987.

CB Granollers

Club Bàsquet Granollers is a professional basketball team based in Granollers, Catalonia, Spain, which currently plays in Copa Catalunya.


Granollers is a city in central Catalonia, about 30 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. It is the capital and most densely populated city of the comarca of Vallès Oriental.

Granollers Museum
Granollers Museum

The Granollers Museum is a heterogeneous collection comprising archaeology, decorative arts, ethnography, numismatics and ancient, modern and contemporary art. The Museum, which is part of the Barcelona Provincial Council Local Museum Network, coordinates and supports a major part of the archaeological excavations taking place in the region of El Vallès Oriental, while promoting awareness and protection of local cultural heritage.

Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences

The Granollers Museum of Natural Sciences, in Granollers , covers the fields of palaeontology, geology, botany, meteorology, and, in particular, zoology. In addition, the Museum is the headquarters of the Montseny Natural Park Documentation Centre (natural sciences section) and of the Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme; it also manages the Granollers Meteorological Station and the Can Cabanyes Environmental Education Centre.

Granollers Centre railway station
Granollers Centre railway station

Granollers Centre is a Rodalies de Catalunya railway station serving Granollers in Catalonia, Spain. It is located on the Barcelona–Cerbère railway, just next to the Granollers main square.


Yevseyev or Yevseyeva (Евсе́ева; feminine) is a Russian surname. Variants of this surname include Avseyev/Avseyeva (Авсе́ев/Авсе́ева), Avseyenko (Авсе́енко), Avseykin/Avseykina (Авсе́йкин/Авсе́йкина), Avsyukov/Avsyukova (Авсюко́в/Авсюко́ва), Aseyev/Aseyeva (Асе́ев/Асе́ева), Yevsevenko (Евсеве́нко), Yevsevyev/Yevsevyeva (Евсе́вьев/Евсе́вьева), Yevseyenko (Евсе́енко), Yevseichev/Yevseicheva (Евсе́ичев/Евсе́ичева), Yevseykin/Yevseykina (Евсе́йкин/Евсе́йкина), Yevsenov/Yevsenova (Евсе́нов/Евсе́нова), Yevsyonochkin/Yevsyonochkina (Евсёночкин/Евсёночкина), Ovseyev/Ovseyeva (Овсе́ев/Овсе́ева), and Ovsiyenko (Овсие́нко).All these surnames derive from various forms of the Christian male first name Yevsevy, or its colloquial form Yevsey (or Avsey), which is of Greek origins where it means pious, devout.Surnames Yevsikov/Yevsikova (Е́всиков/Е́всикова), Yevsyukov/Yevsyukova (Евсюко́в/Евсюко́ва), Yevsyunin/Yevsyunina (Евсю́нин/Евсю́нина), Yevsyutin/Yevsyutina (Евсю́тин/Евсю́тина), Yevsyutkin/Yevsyutkina (Евсю́ткин/Евсю́ткина), Yevsyukhin/Yevsyukhina (Евсю́хин/Евсю́хина), Yevsyushin/Yevsyushina (Евсю́шин/Евсю́шина), and Yevsyushkin/Yevsyushkina (Евсю́шкин/Евсю́шкина) may have derived either from "Yevsey", or from Christian male first names Yevstafy or Yevstigney.


Yevseyevo is the name of several rural localities in Russia:


Yevseyevskaya is a rural locality (a village) in Tarnogskoye Rural Settlement, Tarnogsky District, Vologda Oblast, Russia. The population was 50 as of 2002.