A brief glimpse into the past

Todo listo para que arranque el partidazo de la jornada 18 en la Liga Profesional πŸ‡¦πŸ‡·: LanΓΊs - Talleres de CΓ³rdoba. La T sale con su 11 de gala, con la entrada de Mac Allister por Villagra.

I believe God doesn’t let me run into Karen’s in person because he doesn’t want me to go to jail

2:45PM Linfield (NIR-P) vs Larne (NIR-P) Larne (NIR-P) +137 2:17pm Risked 1 unit to win 1.37

I wish I could tell you that I love you but I can’t.

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Gol: Guasone (P).

La FICHA πŸ“‹πŸ‘‡

#RESERVA #AtleticoTucuman 0-1 #Patronato ⚽ Gol: Guasone (P). La FICHA πŸ“‹πŸ‘‡

#MilesGuo #GETTR 10月24号:Covid vaccine can’t stop transmission and there has been a concerted effort to prevent #thetruthofthevaccine from receiving the attention δ½›η½—ι‡ŒθΎΎε·žεŒ»εŠ‘ζ€»η›‘οΌš η–«θ‹—δΈθƒ½ι˜»ζ­’η—…ζ―’δΌ ζ’­οΌŒ δΈ€η›΄ζœ‰δΈ€θ‚‘εŠ›ι‡ι˜»ζ­’η–«θ‹—ε‰―δ½œη”¨ηœŸη›Έηš„δΌ ζ’­