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【VALORANT】新しく始まりました! メインD3 サブDia2 w/komechan【UNL】


40 lat temu, 5.08.1980 r., w rozegranym w ramach przygotowań do sezonu 1980/81 meczu sparingowym Pogoń Szczecin pokonała drużynę Czarnych Słupsk 4:0 (1:0) po bramkach D. Krupy, Z. Kasztelana, Z. Stelmasiaka oraz M. Włocha. #40LatMinęło

赤江さんMSXの悪口はそこまでだ!w #tama954

R: Oye.. Cariño V Y W: Que pasa? V Y W: ME HABLABA A MI Lu: *va con R* Que necesitas Darling? V Y W: . . . A: Se acostumbraran *Dice a lado de ellos* #Luzubius #IncorrectKarmaland

Semalem mimpi akhirnya merantau tapi lupa bawa oleh2 sambel Bu Rudy jadi akhirnya w ke Grand Lucky Radal beli sambelnya wkwk. Lah terus siang ini ada orang ngasih jajanan Bu Rudy ke bapak hew. Ogut ingin mimpi dapet vaksin covid nanti malam 😇

I do wish i cld get in touch w a canary breeder. I k there is 1 in Avon, Ohio who is on Craigslist, but only way 2 contact is thru facebook or giving my e mail out & i was warned not to give out e mail bc some ppl use info abt you to rip you off. So, still looking for a breeder

【VALORANT】新しく始まりました! メインD3 サブDia2 w/Gemi.Revo.Ritz.4ki【UNL】

I’m really about to make a post on Craigslist for a life long best friend i’m so over longing for 1 solid friendship , I’m such a caring person n it’s kinda wack I haven’t found a solid bond w one other human in my life yet

Team, Place & City Details

C.F. Os Belenenses

Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses, commonly known as Belenenses , is a Portuguese sports club best known for its football team. Founded in 1919, it is one of the oldest Portuguese sports clubs.

Belenenses SAD

Belenenses SAD, is a Portuguese football club from Lisbon founded on 30 June 2018 . An offshoot of the historic football club Clube de Futebol Os Belenenses, they currently play in the Primeira Liga.


Famalicão may refer to:

Famalicão (Guarda)
Famalicão (Guarda)

Famalicão is a parish in the municipality of Guarda in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 615, in an area of 16.02 km².

Famalicão (Nazaré)
Famalicão (Nazaré)

Famalicão is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Nazaré. The population in 2011 was 1,740, in an area of 21.72 km².