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CSK VVS Samara (ice hockey)

CSK VVS Samara are a professional ice hockey team based in Samara, Samara Oblast, Russia.

CSK VVS Samara (women's football club)

CSK VVS Samara was a Russian women's football club from Samara. Founded in 1988 in the Kazakh SSR, it took part in the two editions of the Soviet championship as SKA Almaty, but following the collapse of the Soviet Union it was relocated to Togliatti and then Samara.

BC Samara

BC Samara is a Russian professional basketball team that is based in Samara, Russia.

FC Kristall Smolensk

FC Kristall Smolensk ) was a Russian football team from Smolensk. It played professionally from 1993 to 2003.

Tsen Tou Jilin City

Tsen Tou Jilin City is a Chinese Ice Hockey team based in Jilin City, China, where it was founded in 2017. Unlike the majority of teams in the Supreme Hockey League, which are affiliates of Kontinental Hockey League teams, Tsen Tou plays as an independent entity.


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