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Helsingborgs IF

Helsingborgs IF , commonly referred to as Helsingborg (Swedish: [hɛlsɪŋˈbɔrj] (listen)), or (especially locally) HIF (IPA: [ˈhôːiːˌɛf]), is a Swedish professional football club located in Helsingborg. They played in the Swedish second tier, Superettan in 2018, but were promoted to Allsvenskan ahead of the 2019 season.

Australian rules football in Sweden

Australian rules football has been played in Sweden since 1993, with the game currently played in Helsingborg, Malmö, Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Falun, Norrtälje and Uppsala. A national governing body was formed in 2007 under the name Svenska Australisk Fotbollsförbundet or AFL Sweden.

Helsingborg Arena
Helsingborg Arena

Helsingborg Arena is a multi-purpose arena, located in Helsingborg, Sweden. Helsingborg Arena is run by the municipal company Helsingborg Events and Idrottspark AB. Helsingborg Arena has been part of the municipal company Helsingborg Arena and Scen AB. Plans for the new arena began in 2005.

Helsingborg Marathon

The Helsingborg Marathon is planned to be an annual long-distance running event through much of Helsingborg. With a maximum limit of 2 000 participants, the marathon race is expected to become the second largest marathon in Sweden, second to Stockholm Marathon, seen both in number of participants and number of elite runners.

Helsingborg Open
Helsingborg Open

The Helsingborg Open was a women's professional golf tournament on the Ladies European Tour that took place in Sweden. The tournament was first played in 2013 and marked the return of the LET to Sweden following a hiatus since 2008 saw the last installments of Scandinavian TPC hosted by Annika and Göteborg Masters.

Helsingborg BBK

Helsingborg Basketbollklubb is a basketball club based in Helsingborg, Sweden. The association is a continuation of Helsingborgs Basket, which went bankrupt in 2009.

Helsingborgs IF–Malmö FF rivalry

The fixture between Helsingborgs IF and Malmö FF is a local derby in Scania, Sweden and a fierce rivalry. The derby does not have a common name, any derby in Scania is usually called a "Skånederby" , the fixture is sometimes referred to as Slaget om Skåne (English: The battle for Scania).

Helsingborgs HC

Helsingborgs HC is a Swedish hockey club based in Helsingborg. They currently play in group F of Division 1, the third tier of the Swedish ice hockey system.

Ramlösa Södra FF

Ramlösa Södra FF is a Swedish football club from Helsingborg.