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Hércules CF 0️⃣➖0️⃣ RCD Espanyol B


#HérculesEspanyolB • 💙 #MachoHércules 🤍

⚽ 𝗜𝗻𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗼 · ¡Arranca el partido! Hércules CF 0️⃣➖0️⃣ RCD Espanyol B 📺 #HérculesEspanyolB • 💙 #MachoHércules 🤍

🇪🇦 Hercules vs Espanyol B 🇪🇦

Hércules CF - Espanyol B 🕖20:00h🇪🇦 19:00h🇮🇨 #MachoHércules 💙🤍

El #HérculesCF cede los derechos audiovisuales de su partido ante el filial del #RCDEspanyol a una firma de Jaén  #HérculesEspanyolB #MachoHércules

El #HérculesCF cede los derechos audiovisuales de su partido ante el filial del #RCDEspanyol a una firma de Jaén #HérculesEspanyolB #MachoHércules

Team, Place & City Details

Molot-Prikamye Perm

Molot-Prikamye Perm is a professional ice hockey team based in Perm, Perm Krai, Russia. They are currently playing in the Supreme Hockey League, the second level of ice hockey in Russia.

Novopolotsk (bandy club)

Novopolotsk are a bandy club from Belarus who are among the best in the country with several of their players having represented the Belarusian national bandy team.

RCD Espanyol

Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol , commonly known as Espanyol, is a professional sports club based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1900, the club plays in La Liga, the highest division of Spanish football and play their home games at the RCDE Stadium, which holds up to 40,000 spectators.


Polotsk is a historical city in Belarus, situated on the Dvina River. It is the center of the Polotsk District in Vitsebsk Voblast.

Principality of Polotsk
Principality of Polotsk

The Principality of Polotsk , also known as the Duchy of Polotsk or the Polotskian Rus', was a medieval principality of the Early East Slavs. The origin and date of state establishment is uncertain.

Polotsk Airport

Polotsk Airport is an airport in Belarus, located 9 km south of Polotsk. It is purely civilian use.

Hans Jakob Polotsky

Hans Jakob Polotsky was an Israeli orientalist, linguist, and professor of Semitic languages and Egyptology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Polotsk Offensive

The Polotsk Offensive was part of the second phase of the Belorussian Strategic Offensive of the Red Army in summer 1944, commonly known as Operation Bagration. The Soviet First Baltic Front successfully pursued the retreating remnants of the German Third Panzer Army back towards Polotsk, which was reached by 1 July.

Polotsk District
Polotsk District

Polotsk District is a second-level administrative subdivision of Belarus in the Vitebsk Region.

Polotsk State University

Polotsk State University (Belarusian: Полацкi дзяржаýны ýнiверсiтэт; Russian: Полоцкий государственный университет), Polotsk, Belarus, is a higher education establishment in the Republic of Belarus.

Połock Voivodeship
Połock Voivodeship

Połock Voivodeship was a unit of administrative division and local government in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Grand Duchy of Lithuania) since the 15th century until the partitions of Poland in 1793. The voivodeship history can be traced to the Principality of Polotsk, conquered by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania around late 14th / early 15th centuries.

Polatsk Voblast

Polatsk Voblast or Polotsk Oblast was an administrative division in Soviet Belarus. It was created on September 20, 1944.

List of craters on Mars: O–Z
List of craters on Mars: O–Z

This is a list of craters on Mars. There are hundreds of thousands of impact craters on Mars, but only some of them have names.