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Grania w Finlandii ciąg dalszy

Dzisiaj, 17:30 🇵🇱

Jutro, 17:30 🇵🇱

Grania w Finlandii ciąg dalszy Dzisiaj, 17:30 🇵🇱 Haka-HIFK Ilves-RoPS Mariehamn-Inter SJK-KuPS Jutro, 17:30 🇵🇱 HJK-Lahti TPS-Honka #veikkausliigapl

musialam sprzatac wiec na soacwr ani rower b poszlan 😿😿

Byłam w sklepie po chleb i jakies dziecko wyjechało mi rowerem na ulicę mimo że widziało że jadę dość szybko i jeszcze robiło sb kółka rower no kurqa XD oczywiście strabilam go bo przesada to

idę z mamą na rower 🤭 jedziemy na lody!!! bo obok w miasteczku mają lody flurry

Fala torcedor celeste! Você é a favor do Cruzeiro dar o título da Copa Inconfidência para o Uberlândia, visando maior foco na Série B?

誰かの声聞きたいなーって思ったけど、いつも聞いてるキャスさんとかFFさんとか、ゲーマーさんとか推しが今日に限って誰も配信やってないww 大人しく寝ろと?w

【プラレールzine 販売店】プラレール写真のzine は店舗でも販売しています。吉祥寺:百年・下北沢:B&B・中野:タコシェ・中野:まんだらけ・渋谷:ユトレヒト・恵比寿:ナディフ・新宿:模索舎・田原町:Readin'Writin'

Cancelamento de Cruzeiro x Uberlândia é mais um alerta do que serão as Séries A, B e C do Brasileiro | Por @oalexsimoes

Tapajos-Remo: 1 +0,5 (2,20) Betfair, Hills & SBTech Last R in the regionals. Tapajos 2 leagues below Remo. Remo already qualified & are resting 8 & 2 absent. Playing again 3 days later. Tapajos w/h 1st GK but it's their last match & likely motivated to do well vs a better team.

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Duisburg ) is a city in the Ruhr metropolitan area of the western German state North Rhine-Westphalia. Lying on the confluence of the Rhine and the Ruhr rivers, Duisburg is one of the largest cities in Ruhr and 15th largest city in Germany.

Duisburg Zoo

The Duisburg Zoo, founded on 12 May 1934, is one of the largest zoological gardens in Germany. It is especially well known for its dolphinarium and, since 1994, for breeding koalas.

Duisburg Hauptbahnhof
Duisburg Hauptbahnhof

Duisburg Hauptbahnhof is a railway station in the city of Duisburg in western Germany. It is situated at the meeting point of many important national and international railway lines in the Northwestern Ruhr valley.

Duisburg Inner Harbour
Duisburg Inner Harbour

The Innenhafen in Duisburg, Germany, is connected to the Rhine River, encompasses an area of 89ha. For over a hundred years during the high point of the Industrial Revolution, it was the central harbour and trading point of the town.

Duisburg-Ruhrort–Mönchengladbach railway
Duisburg-Ruhrort–Mönchengladbach railway

The Duisburg-Ruhrort–Mönchengladbach railway is a historically significant, but now partly abandoned line in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The line was built by the Ruhrort-Crefeld District Gladbach Railway Company , founded in 1847, and is one of the oldest lines in Germany, opened in 1849 and 1851.

Duisburg-Hochfeld Railway Bridge
Duisburg-Hochfeld Railway Bridge

The Duisburg–Hochfeld railway bridge spans the Rhine in the German city of Duisburg on the Duisburg-Ruhrort–Mönchengladbach line. The first bridge was built by the Rhenish Railway Company and put into operation at the end of 1873.

Duisburg-Meiderich Nord–Hohenbudberg railway

The Duisburg-Meiderich Nord–Hohenbudberg railway is a line in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia that originally ran from Meiderich Nord station to the Hohenbudberg freight yard with a branch to the former Rheinpreußen station on the Lower Rhine Railway and was formerly used primarily for freight. The operating part of the line now forms the Oberhausen West–Meerbeck railway, which connects the Oberhausen West freight yard and the freight line from Duisburg-Wedau to Bottrop Süd with Meerbeck junction on the Lower Rhine Railway.

Duisburg-Wedau–Bottrop Süd railway

The Duisburg-Wedau–Bottrop Süd railway is a railway used only for freight in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It runs from the former Duisburg-Wedau freight yard as well as from the Duisburg-Hochfeld Süd freight yard via Oberhausen West freight yard to Bottrop Süd freight yard.

Duisburg-Ruhrort–Dortmund railway

The Duisburg-Ruhrort–Dortmund railway was built by the Cologne-Minden Railway Company (Cöln-Mindener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, CME) in the area to the north of its original Ruhr line to improve connections to mines and factories in the northern Ruhr region, which is now in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The track at the time of the Deutsche Reichsbahn mostly consisted of at least two tracks; now two-track, single track and completely dismantled sections alternate.

Duisburg-Wedau station
Duisburg-Wedau station

Duisburg-Wedau station is a railway station in the Wedau district in the city of Duisburg, located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.