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Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws Take Effect in Five More States - The Advocate: It's not just Florida β€” Alabama, Tennessee, South Dakota, Utah, and Indiana have anti-LGBTQ+ laws coming into force now.

2023 6'5 CG Comeh Emuobor (@comeh_emuobor) has risen and been noticed by multiple schools. Emuobor has an outstanding basketball IQ, and has a ton of confidence in his game. Emuobor has offers from Arizona State, Miss State, Alabama, Texas A&M, Illinois, South Carolina, and more

Let Us Break Bread Together by The Blind Boys of Alabama

Present Joys by Alabama Sacred Harp Singers

It's a red Model 3 party on 20/59 in Alabama today! Almost exactly the same Tesla and the dude didn't wave! Didn't even look! This ain't Cali, man. What is wrong with people? πŸ™„πŸ˜„βš‘#TeamRed

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - Birmingham, Alabama, United States - N/A (per year) #telecoms #jobs #telco

Louisiana coaches scout strengths and weaknesses of Alabama commit EliΒ Holstein