Prva tekma 14. kola bo na sporedu danes LIGA NOVA KBM, 1. DEL 14. kolo ⏰ 18.00 @KKZlatorog : GGD Šenčur 👀💻📱 Bo Zlatorog Laško po prihodu trenerja Pipana osvojil svojo 2. zmago?

#Liga nova kbm (Slovenia)
Zlatorog Lasko - Sencur

#Basketball #Liga nova kbm (Slovenia) Zlatorog Lasko - Sencur #1xbet info:

Team, Place & City Details

KK Zlatorog Laško

Košarkarski klub Zlatorog Laško , commonly referred to as KK Zlatorog or simply Zlatorog, is a Slovenian professional basketball club, which is based in Laško.

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Šenčur is a settlement in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. It is the seat of the Municipality of Šenčur.