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“it’s all fun and games til it’s not fun and games”

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I can’t sleep cause I get anxiety so then I get anxiety about not sleeping. WHAT IS THIS

I forget it’s only been 4 days since my surgery and I wanna be out here completely healed already so I can sleep better

Idek if I’m nervous for the surgery, I think I’m more nervous for the recovery

the only reason wearing masks is frustrating is because my mom is hard of hearing so she can barely understand what I or others say

The swipe to buy option on amazon is dangerous

Lmao tik tok is hilarious putting on Arianna’s fyp of how hot the cast from the dirt is πŸ˜‚ she said it confused her for me

I just wanna have a night where I actually sleep comfortably the whole time and get more than five hours

I’m so annoyed, I’m tired of thisssss

stressed af, first this pain and whether I should get surgery or not. And now all my friends are dropping out of the college of Ed cause it’s a nightmare, idk if I should do it too.

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